June 29, 2022: Let There Be Light

Keeping with the bright light theme, I got one of those fancy bright as hell LED lights with the 4 lights that you can bend to your preferred position for the garage. We had just a dim 40w (equivalent) in there before. Now, when I go into the garage, it feels like I've turned on the sun.

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  1. I share this only for freealonzo's attention (and because it's amusing), not as an attempt to stray into the forbidden zone:

    1. That's pretty good (and true). The replies were pretty funny. They have a new album out on Friday. Second this year. I can't keep up. I usually listen a few times, save the highlights, and wait for the next one.

  2. Dan Hayes has a longer article about Johnson's departure.

    Some quotes:

    Calling it the “toughest thing I’ve ever done,” Johnson detailed a wild week in which LSU aggressively pursued his services for a second time. The SEC school previously tried to lure Johnson away from the Twins last summer.

    This time, Johnson was enticed by a massive pay raise and a chance to be home more often. Johnson acknowledged the eight-month commitment required to be a major-league coach took him away from his wife and 12-year-old daughter longer than he preferred.

    “The emotions have been pretty tough for about a week,” Johnson said. “I have priorities in my life, and I don’t hide those. I tell people my priorities. It’s my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, one. It’s my family, two. And it’s baseball, three. I’m never going to get those out of whack. …

    “My family is above the game of baseball. The Twins are a great organization. I have no — this place is awesome. It purely comes down to my family and the things that I mentioned.”

    Johnson said he received an official offer from LSU on Thursday. He informed the Twins he was contemplating it on Saturday, which prompted manager Rocco Baldelli to ask if there was any way to enhance his position with the club. Team sources said Johnson never asked the Twins for more money and made up his mind on Sunday.

    Make no mistake. The Twins are peeved, too.

    Club officials are unhappy with LSU’s conduct and how the school pursued Johnson, who was under contract.

    After learning he was leaving, the Twins hoped to keep Johnson around through the All-Star break to make the transition process run more smoothly. But with recruiting season underway, Johnson, whose contract only prevents him from making a lateral move to another big-league team, has to leave almost immediately.

    1. Also this from Reusse today explains the urgency part a bit...

      the vital recruiting is happening right now — grabbing players with a track record from the transfer portal.

      "Major League Baseball drafts and signs most of the best young pitchers, and then college super teams — powerful lineups of proven 22-, 23-year-olds — are being built through the transfer portal," said John Anderson, the Gophers coach. "That makes this a huge time of year in the SEC."

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