18 thoughts on “2022 Game 80: Os at Twins in progress”

      1. Beer is cold. No food as we ate some Irish fare at some joint. (Not Kierans). Asked an usher about twayn and he sent me to his section. No luck finding him, but a fellow college buddy is here too tonight.

    1. That really was a good at bat. I can't believe how long he can keep his hands back, and how quick they are through the ball when he swings.

  1. In the middle of the 9th I went full spooky and was telling the people hanging around at the top of the section not to worry, Arraez would get on, and Buxton would walk it off. And then, fireworks. Great night at the ballpark. I just watched the replay and it looked like a hanging slider. The baseball gods giveth, too.

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