July 4, 2022: Independence

For some silly reason (dance) we’re in Orlando for the Fourth of July. Anywho.
Reflect on blessings, citizens; maybe consider the preciousness and potential fragilities of stable, peaceful democracy. No particular reason for that sentiment…

And be safe if you’re blowing things up!

12 thoughts on “July 4, 2022: Independence”

  1. Greetings from the eastern shore of the largest ecological disaster in the most popular state in the country, a toxic hyper-salinated basin of botulism next to a post apocalyptic failed resort community now populated by extreme off the grid types, postmodern artistes, and probably skinwalkers.

      1. Bingo. From what I heard down at the local bar (only one within 40+ miles) last night, a certain boring tech RO CEO has a plan to run two 75-mile long tunnels from the ocean to the Salton, allowing the brine to flow out and restoring the water levels to avert catastrophe and resource extraction (of the kind that would benefit his car company?)…

        I also got filled in on Sonny Bono’s assassination.

        1. I also got filled in on Sonny Bono’s assassination.

          I always knew that effing tree was a plant.

  2. If you're going to the parks, don't miss Rise of the Resistance or the Avatar ride. Pretty impressive.

    Got back from chaperoning a trip there last night. I knew it was going to be a work-full adventure, but it ended being an order of magnitude more than I even expected. My wife was one of the two medical folks on the trip. She and her colleague worked sixteen-hour days for the whole duration. Unbelievable how many problems came up. Every day she'd text me some new surprise out of left field. (Like I'm sitting on the bus to leave the park and received a text "I am going to be leaving in an ambulance.")

    Good luck to you!

  3. Interesting

  4. Does anyone know the name of the guy that’s painting a picture every game at Target Field? I saw some of his stuff and then saw him at the game yesterday.

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