38 thoughts on “August 1, 2022: New ‘Do”

  1. Taylor Rogers no longer sharing a division with his twin and is headed back to the Midwest.

      1. That whole trade is a wow.

        Rogers has struggled a bit by ERA this year, but a very slightly deeper look says he has been good, albeit unlucky.

        48:9 K:BB (although 8 HBP!) in 41 1/3, only 1 HR allowed, 2.35 FIP. Opponent slash is a modest 239/310/348 and BABIP is .333, a smidge over his career .320.

        Hader has been middling (for him) himself this year. 59:12 K:BB and 7! HR allowed in 33 innings, 3.47 FIP. 203/277/422 and a .306 BABIP.

        Seems like an overpay.

  2. WT actual F…

  3. Just finished (almost) To have or have not by E. Hemingway.
    I like some of his other works but this one sucked like a sucking sucker. Hard to keep track of who's the protagonist, and he's a loser anyways. Gritty, Bourdainesque writing. Have to watch the movie now to see if anything could be made of this mess.

    1. Well, Howard Hawks tossed it over to William Faulkner and Jules Furthman to rewrite for the screen, then got Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall and Walter Brennan to star in it, so subjectively better than the book, yes.

    2. At the least you get Bogie & Bacall. I watched it on TCM 20+ years ago, but I’d have to watch it again to tell you anything more than that mere fact. Read the novel around the same time, without revisiting it since. Had to check my bookshelf to see if I still had it.

        1. You know, you got to be careful of dead bees if you're goin' around barefooted, 'cause if you step on them they can sting you just as bad as if they was alive — especially if they was kind of mad when they got killed. I bet I been bit a hundred times that way.

    1. Having read and now watching How to Change Your Mind I’ve come to understand that a little bit of psychedelic help may just help you head upstairs with death.

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