16 thoughts on “August 10, 2022: Inauspicious”

  1. Presumably this is MLB’s way of indicating it knows the Twins got jobbed by the league’s replay officials:

    They better hope this division race doesn’t come down to one game.

  2. Thinking of going to The Decemberists at Surly on Monday. Haven’t done a Surly concert.

    I’m coming from 75 minutes away and would prefer to park. Doors at 5:30, show at 7:00. If I get there at 5 or 5:30 do you think I’ll get parked? Or is that just a pipe dream?

    Any other tips?

    1. My sense is that it's tough to park there, although maybe at 5:00 you could get something. CoC went to a show lately, hopefully he sees this and can talk about his experience. You may want to look at parking by Gopher Football stadium and walk the mile or so to Surly or take the LRT one stop.

      1. Thanks!

        There's one parking lot that opens at 5. And they don't tell me the valet price (in case I'm just stuck with it). This is all making me tired and leaning toward just not bothering. 🙂

        1. I will likely be making that walk after the show. For previous Surly shows, we have usually made that walk and then Uber'd from Dinkytown (rather than doing it from Surly with the other 500 people wanting an Uber).

      2. My brothers lived/worked in Prospect Park (near ‘The Witches Hat’ water tower) for years. There’s always open street parking over there, 3-4 block walk. That’s where I park - Malcolm, Barton, Arthur, Seymour & Orlin Aves. Watch for specific No Parking signs, but otherwise without issue and easy to get back to University eastbound to Hwy 280 & points beyond afterwards.

        They have lots of beer and drink options and last time (Ween) they had more than enough restrooms and food trucks to make the waiting relatively short.

        Entry (again, last time) was at the far east end of 5th St SE. walk along the Surly property fence line - on your left - and there’s the ticket handlers and entry.

    2. I was there last night. University Ave is 2hr parking until 6pm. We parked just past the light rail station at 29th. Less than a 10 minute walk to the venue. Easy Peasy. Plus no concert traffic when we left.

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