2022 Game Log 115 – Royals at Twins

It's the August of our discontent in Twins Territory. The team itself is playing lousy, not fun baseball, Emilio Pagan is still on the team, Buxton either seems to hit an epic HR or feebly strikes out. Twins have fallen 2 games back from the hardly trying Guardians and tied with the underperforming White Sox (also how did both teams end up having played two more games than the Twins?) Here at the WGOM, most game logs seem the have a "in progress" tag if they show up at all.

Hopefully nothing better to fix that than an even more lackluster Royals team. After yesterday's win, hopefully the Twins have the wind in their sails. Zach Grienke for the Royals in probably his last season. Sonny Gray up for the Twins and he's been hands down the best pitcher for the Twins this year.

Another 6:40p start on what should be a nice night. Here' hoping the Twins can build on yesterday's win and start to play some fun, winning baseball.

Twins Line Up

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  1. If next year's schedule, with fewer divisional games, was in effect this year, it's quite possible that no team in the AL Central would be above .500.

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