17 thoughts on “September 14, 2022: Mum”

        1. Right? The Royals don't seem to desperately seek the spotlight at all costs. If anything, the opposite, and coverage is externally generated.

          There is social "Kardashian" factor involved, yes. But there are also political, cultural, and historical elements here. It's fascinating stuff. I ignore all the "who hates who in the castle" coverage, because yuck, but I can appreciate the pomp and circumstance of history and culture at play.

  1. I'm sure you've all heard about the potential impending railroad strike this Friday. I've volunteered for "rail relief" duty, which is basically shuttling engineers to/from locomotives. No telling yet what part of the US I'd get sent (well, it'll be where our rail network is) or for how long, but I'm really hoping both sides work something out by Friday, for everyone's sake.

    And, of course these are my opinions alone and don't represent any opinions of my employer.

    1. One part of my new department has a 50/50 stake in a company that produces a component used in high quantities by pretty much every North American company that lays track. Wear and tear (specifically by freight cars) means more pieces sold, so you can imagine we're keeping an eye on this.

      1. Not if A. Philip Randolph had anything to say about it:

        In 1948, [A. Philip Randolph] persuaded a reluctant president Harry S. Truman to issue an executive order ending segregation in the military services. The first peacetime draft in the nation's history had been instituted in response to the Cold War. Mr. Randolph threatened to start a campaign of civil disobedience in which blacks would refuse to register for the draft unless segregation in the military was abolished.

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