11 thoughts on “September 17, 2022: Super Clean”

  1. They really need to take four out of five from Cleveland. Three of five would give them a chance if they played really well the rest of the way. Anything less and they'd need a Cleveland collapse (and for the White Sox to not play too well either).

  2. Hey Podcast listeners. I would highly recommend, if you haven't already heard it, The Rumor. It's about to Baltimore Oriole fans/reporters who search out the rumor that a game at Camden was canceled because the lights went out in order to preserve Cal Ripkin's streak, who was unable to play because he got into a fight with Kevin Costner.

    Of course this being a podcast it's a lot more about "the rumor" but also about fandom, hero worship, and the place of baseball in our lives. It's really well done and they solve the rumor! It's only 6 episodes of about 40 minutes in length each so not a huge time commitment either.

    I would highly recommend you check it out. I'm pretty sure it's available on all podcast platforms.

  3. So it's Freealonzo recommendation day:

    So I got back from a 5-day trip to the North Dakota Badlands, specifically Theodore Roosevelt National Park. And I highly recommend checking it out if you are into that sort of trip.

    First the park isn't as crowded as other NPs, although admittedly I was there after Labor Day. It really is gorgeous, with both canyons and grasslands. I was literally hiking among a 250 head of buffalo! It has pretty meaty hikes for those who are big hikers but also easy hikes for grandparents and little kids. Scenic drives with pullouts too. It doesn't have a lot of amenities like a lodge, or restaurant but both units are close to a town with every thing you need. Also most people just check out the south unit because it is literally on I-94 but don't sleep on the north unit. It's about 60 miles away but worth the drive and IMHO, more scenic than the south unit. Also neither unit has a ton of interpretive exhibits but definitely can learn more about TR and Custer spent time in the area too.

    There is also a lot of grassland and wilderness areas outside the park that offer some great hiking and wilderness camping. Elevations of about 2,500 so easy on the lungs (which of course is now a concern for me).

  4. Rod Oistad, pitcher on the 1956 UofM NCAA Champion team as well as one of my HS teachers and friends has died.

    Despite an arm injury (pitch count? what's a pitch count?) that pretty much ended any thoughts of pitching past college, he struck out 11 and won against Bradley in game 4 of the CWS (future Twin Jerry Kindall was his shortstop). Rod is in the middle row, far left:

    He also pitched for the 1954 MN Class A townball champion team, where he threw 22⅓ consecutive scoreless innings in the tournament and won three games.
    "Lyle came out and said, 'Well, what do you think you should throw to him?' I told him, 'Fastball.' He nodded and went back behind the plate and called for a curveball. I threw the curveball and got Pollard to pop up."

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