15 thoughts on “2022 NLDS Games 3 (and Yankees)”

  1. Guardians-Yankees game at 1:07 p.m. local time. I wonder when the last time the Yankees started a postseason game this early.

  2. An AL Central team scraping by to almost score a run then the Yankees come back and fly swat a 2 run homer

    meet the new boss same as the old boss

  3. Look at you Cleveland! (still waiting for the Yankee soul crushing home run to end this game)

  4. You know, looking at the Yankees, they really haven't had many players I really dislike since A-Rod and Jeter retired. I think what drives my dislike of them is simply the obnoxiousness of their fans. The crudeness, the arrogance, the poor sportsmanship, the entitled attitude, all that and more. If their fans were like the fans of most teams, I don't think I'd particularly dislike the Yankees.

    1. No quick hooks for Heaney or Snell however. I wasn't expecting Heaney to start the fifth. He was pulled after the first batter so maybe a matchup thing.

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