19 thoughts on “October 16, 2022: Goofs, Part II”

  1. Watching the MLB playoffs each year reminds me how far the Twins really are from contending for a World Series. Specifically the bullpen. These teams seem a world apart from the Twins’ pitching staff.

    1. I dunno. Duran appears to be the real deal. Thielbar was excellent, Jax, Cotton (did they waive him?) and Moran good. If Lopez and Fulmer can return to above-average (assuming they return) that is a pretty good bullpen.

      The rotation is lacking, OTOH. They need Ober and Maeda to be healthy. Bring Sonny back. Let Archer go. Mahle?

      Do they bring back Gary Sanchez? I am not particularly enthusiastic. Urshela outperformed my expectations, on the other hand. I hope they bring him back

        1. If we have to have a catcher who can't hit, I want one with a howitzer attached to his shoulder. I'm tired of watching teams rob us blind on the bases.

  2. The SCSU Huskies went on the road and swept Wisconsin this weekend, they remain undefeated and sit at #10 in the rankings. I think I'll mosey up to the Granite City next Saturday for a little Homecoming fun.

  3. Saw They Might Be Giants for the first time. If you’re at all a fan I recommend it, preferably when they have a horn section. The horns were big time.

      1. Final song, second encore. The woman next to me follows the band and this was her 5th consecutive show. She gives homemade buttons to people at the shows. I got her last one - Dr. Worm.

      1. Mark Pender is with them this time. Trumpet with the Max Weinberg Seven. The last song of the main set (Istanbul) he had a solo, then played a note for approximately three minutes with circular breathing. Went from one side of the stage to the other, playing the whole time. It was absurd.

        Trombone dude also played euphonium in a couple songs. That was my instrument. His trombone solos were silly as well.

  4. Took the Poissonnière on her first (backyard) camping outing. She did great! We had a frost warning but stayed toasty in our bags.

    Definitely recommend a Big Agnes kid’s bag if you can swing it. It attaches to the sleeping mat to help mitigate kids’ slumber migrations. Meanwhile, my new sleeping quilt provided the best outdoor sleep experience I’ve ever had. Warmer than wrapping up in a ranger roll, but a similar feel. I’ll never go back to a regular bag.

    1. Last night was our first Cub Scouts camping outing at a scout camp in Cambridge. The kids had designs of sleeping in the outdoor tents that lasted all of half an hour. It was a pretty good time, though, even if I'm not a huge proponent of the BSA.

      1. If the Poissonnière really takes to camping, I’m going to be casting about for outdoors-centric organizations to encourage that interest. I have misgivings about both traditional scouting organizations (guessing we may have similar ones with BSA), so I’m curious about what else is out there.

    2. I forget the brand name, but I bought this air mattress at the Duluth Trading store in Duluth and it has rails on either side that keep the bag from slipping off. packs down nicely as well,

          1. When it's cold (real cold), key thing is to be able to have your hands covered in a blanket (as they will not stay in your sleeping bag), but also be able to have your breath vent.

      1. Speaking of Duluth Trading, we shopped at the store in Red Wing a month ago. They had a big sale going on and I bought a few garments. Pretty much became my favorite clothes to wear. Seem to be very durable, super comfortable and they look just fine. I may have to make a return trip to one of their stores.

        1. My sadly-now-discontinued Duluth Trading wallet is a very solid 9/10. I love it, the only quibble I have with it is that it doesn't fit non-US notes well. Euro are just too tall for it, which makes sense since they're bigger than dollar bills.

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