12 thoughts on “November 8, 2022: Ominous”

    1. I don't know why, but the page never seems to update when I'm editing an LTE, even though I can open another tab and see the updated LTE. Both on FF on my laptop and Chrome on my phone.

      1. I frequently get 502 timeout errors when editing. I'm not sure why. The edit goes through but the redirect gets lost.

          1. Maybe that's what I get too. I just tried editing my LTE to induce it but no luck. HTTP 504 is gateway time so that makes more sense.

    1. i signed up, but haven’t bothered yet.

      gonna have to defer to sean on how easy it would be to site would be. or what that would even mean.

      1. I don't really see the point for the WGOM as a site. We already have RSS. I suppose it's no different than the site tweeting its posts. If there's enough interest, I can do it.

        1. i tried to typed “mastoWGOMify the site” up there, just in case. autocorrect did it’s thing after that.

          yeah, i don’t think that one’s going onto take off. we should probably get our ello connect up and running though.

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