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  1. #rant

    I had a softball injury years ago, tripped over the bag and broke my fall with my face. Gnarly. This spring I went to blow my nose and snot came out of my tear duct. double gnarly. Ear nose and throat guy says woah! Sorry, not my department. See my pal over in the eyeball office. Eye doc says holy smokes! never seen this before! You gotta see my eyelid man. Me: eyelid man? Doc: yeah, bruh! Me: I'm skeptical ..... Doc: He's great. Get you fixed up no problem........

    Go see Eyelid dude and he says whaaaaaaaaaahahahahah! MRI time. MRI comes back with no structural damage, but clearly I've created a fistula. Eyelid guy says you gotta see my partner who specializes in ducts. Me: Nope. Eyelid Guy: He's great, will fix you right up after they use dye to trace the fistula - he'll sew up your duct and then cut you a new one!!!!! Me: Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Oh, Eyelid dude tipped me back in his barber chair and waterboarded me through my tear duct (seriously, one of the more uncomfortable things I've ever done), and then said, huh, I dunno, shoulder shrug emoji .... wait! I'll look in your nose with this little scope thing and .... yeah, head scratcher! ... huh.... uh, duct guy?

    Me: eff the effing eff.

    Fast forward to this morning. Bill arrives for 689.09. Huh, odd. Some of these charges are extremely expensive. I also don't think he performed some of the things the bill says he did. Turns out the little nose scope is 1300 bucks a minute to use. Call the office. Hey, no actual diagnosis was made here, and there was no description of service at the time, I think is is outrageous.

    Them: yeah, nah. Pay us our money.

    Me: Huh. Yeah, naw.

    Them: Cool story, bruh. Doc doesn't negotiate. We'll send to collections in 180 days.

    Me: Wahhhhhhhhh!H!H!H!H!H!H!>!?!?!MEPJOdadvonbsd'v 'lc indnvlm cx

    Best healthcare system in the world.


      1. Exactly. My insurer told me to negotiate!!!!! Negotiate healthcare expenses!!! Omg. If it gets out that they’ll whittle down the price for me people might figure out the billing system is rigged and the true cost is made up.

    1. There is nothing more Byzantine in the world than our healthcare payment system. And for years, even well before the ACA, the insurance companies have been load balancing by putting more and more of the cost on the consumer -- premium increases of almost 50% over the past ten years, high deductible/HSA plans, higher copays and out of pocket caps, you name it, they'll do it if it's borderline legal and pads the bottom line. When you stop to think about the business model -- we create value for shareholders by denying payment for healthcare services to our customers -- it all starts to make nonsense.

      1. The two professions that seem the most fed up right now are medical professionals and teachers. It's scary to think what a shortage of these people can/will do to a society.

      2. Meanwhile, we have yet to see any bills at all for our daughter's emergency surgery (ruptured ovarian cyst) while on vacation in the Florida panhandle a couple weeks ago.. Thank God she doesn't turn 26 until spring. Hospital happened to be (a) good and (b) in-network.

    2. “Ordeal” is an inadequate description of that “treatment.” I wouldn’t want to accidentally incentivize unscrupulous practitioners by requiring a diagnosis in order for payment, but holy hell, that’s some BS.

      I had a septoplasty, performed by a Navy doc, and now I basically live with persistent nasal obstruction. I don’t know whether the operation was a failure, or whether it was because my section chief forced me to go on a battalion run while I was on light duty recovering from the surgery, despite having doctor’s orders not to do aerobic exercise until fully healed. I’m fairly sure I’d be told I could have it “fixed” by repeating the surgery, which involves partial sedation while a doc breaks your nose with a chisel.

  2. Got Tickets to see Jason Isbell at Red Rocks in May. Never been to Red Rocks so definitely a bucket list item. Going with some old neighbors. I want to rent an RV for an epic road trip but I have a feeling they will either want to fly or just drive their SUV.

    1. My wife forwarded the announcement to me but didn't think we could do middle of the week in the school year. I still need to get there for a show.

      If you got general admission, get there early. My wife sent there in September. She had a beautiful view of the mountains. Not a great view of the stage.

      1. One weird fact: you have to be 25 to rent a car but not to rent a camper van. Daughter discovered this on spring break. One of the stupider things I've heard.

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