13 thoughts on “November 14, 2022: Marquee Matchup”

    1. They have been playing well. Hockenson addition is huge. I like Mund but adding another intermediate (and terrific athlete) threat in a league where midseason trades don't happen is fantastic. (What is Detroit's plan. Good lord. We've had disappointments, but how can you be their fan. Yuck. I mean if they want to keep making the Vikings better I am all for it.)

      Had a bad kick. Still won.

      Team looks like it is having fun, and after the Zimmer era it is well deserved.

            1. Yup. Also didn't put on the Milwaukee Bucks cap that was tossed on the stage. My first show, my significant other's 11th... I've got a lot of leeway for shows for a while. 6 for THS nothing else approaching that.

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