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  1. I generally make it a point to not see people more than once. The Hold Steady is the main exception. I've seen them 4 1/2 times (the half being a little two song set on a live radio show at SXSW)

    I've seen Sturgill twice, and I can't readily think of anyone I've see more than once after that.

  2. I saw The Replacements probably in the 12-14 times during the 80's and then 3 times in their tours 2013-14. I've probably seen Wilco 8 times. GBV around 8 times or so.

    More bands than I can even count that I've seen in the 4-6 range.

  3. Let's see, Sunday was my third time seeing Arcade Fire. I've seen The Hold Steady at least three times (plus Craig Finn solo). I've seen Trombone Shorty at least four times.

    Back when he was a nobody playing at the Entry and the side stage at Soundset, Sheenie brought me to Macklemore at least four times.

    1. Sunday was my first Arcade Fire show. My wife won a work raffle for DMB tickets, so she went to that with her friend and I stuck with mine. I was disappointed to have to miss Dave - never seen them live, but I had friends traveling from Prescott and Duluth for Arcade Fire, so I couldn’t very well flake out.

      I was really disappointed that Beck pulled out of the opener role - even more so after suffering through that replacement act.

      Re: the #1, Drive-By Truckers* (x6), Ween (x5), and Sturgill (x4).

      *most memorable was when they opened for Tom Petty

      Also, I have two extra tickets for The Foals show on December 1. It’ll be my first visit to The Fillmore Minneapolis.

  4. Not a huge concert goer here, so the most intentional concerts I've attended in TMBG, with 2. In high school I accidentally (festivals, opening acts) saw the OC Supertones at least 4 times. I enjoyed their music, but their concerts were not great.

  5. Well, when the vet called me last week to discuss the bladder rupture, the initial recommendation was to do surgery to repair it while also opening up his urethra to prevent future blockages. I took some time to think about it, and eventually called back a bit later that day to agree to the surgery, but spoke to a different vet who said she generally doesn't recommend surgery first and that they have good results waiting for the bladder to heal on its own, so she basically talked me out of doing the surgery. Now I'm $7500 in and I get a call this morning saying that the rupture re-opened and its going to require surgery, which will bring total cost up to $13000. My wife called back and gave the vet an earful but was just told that we "were given all the options and knew the risks" and its like, I wanted to do the surgery right away and you talked me out of it! Not a great day.

      1. I knew it would cost a lot, but what really bothers me is that after they removed the blockage and found the rupture, they suggested surgery right away and I wanted to do it! I talked to three different vets over the weekend and the third one came in and talked me out of the surgery and, from my cynical perspective, that's a win-win for them because the cost of letting it heal on its own wasn't much less than the surgery. So they get the money from the initial visit, plus whether they do surgery or not, they get another chunk of change and if the healing didn't happen, they get additional money from me for the surgery.

  6. When I was younger, there were several bands I saw multiple times

    Dave Matthews Band I've seen 5 or 6 times. There was one tour that I ended up seeing them 3 times in the span of a week (twice in STL and once in KC)
    Live I've seen about 4-5 times. They were my first concert. They've also been the only concert I've seen front row (when they toured with Counting Crows)
    The Urge (STL ska band) I've seen I think 6 times. They were amazing and full of energy. I don't think I have that energy anymore.
    Skillet I've seen 3 times - all at Winter Jam. I want to see a stand alone show

    For many years I did not go to concerts. Was too busy being a parent and doing other things. Five years ago I made sure to catch the Foo Fighters when they were heading my way as a 40th Birthday gift to myself.

    This year I've managed to see Skillet, Royal Blood (with Cleopatrick), Weird Al, and In This Moment (with Nothing More and Sleep Token). I'm starting to get interested in concerts again and I'm loving it.

      1. I was going to say I thought they were touring again recently. They were near me touring with Bush not that long ago.

        I really like their early stuff (Throwing Copper, Secret Samadhi, Distance to Here), but after that they kinda lost me.

  7. I've seen Alan Parsons and Clapton three times and I have a lot of twofers (Pink Floyd, John Prine, Robert Cray, Robert Randolph, Jerry Jeff Walker, etc.). I probably saw Lamont Cranston 7 or 8 times in college, they played the Red Carpet pretty regularly in their prime. My biggest concert regret is giving away my ticket to Stevie Ray Vaughan because my boss reneged and made me work after giving me the night off. If I could do it over I'd tell that boss to @#$% himself.

    1. I've definitely regretted missing shows much more than I've ever regretted going to one. Two that come to mind - Tom Petty on Full Moon Fever your with Lenny Kravitz opening and RHCP/Smashing Pumpkins/Pearl Jam in late 1991 or early 1992.

      1. Wish I'd seen Petty more. The one I went to was amazing. After playing for about 90 minutes, he played an amazing set closer... or so I thought because they then they went on to play the actual set closer... or so I thought because they then went on to--

        This went on for like another 90 minutes. Just amazing performance after performance.

        1. Yeah, I finally saw Petty in 2013 and it was amazing, one of the best shows ever. He was just a true rock star. Younger Daughter was going to see him in 2017 but went to her cousin's grad party instead. Of course, she regrets that choice now.

        2. Heh, now that I think about it, I've seen Petty Things several times because they seemed to play every Saturday at the Anchor Inn in town here and we went there all the time for dinner.

    2. Apropos of Bosses blocking concerts, I think I have mentioned this before. My buddy and were set to meet friends of his in Mason City to see The Who (opening act: The Clash) on one of their first farewell tours.

      But said buddy got called in to work and cancelled. I didn't really want to drive from Spamtown to MC to maybe find people I have never met to attend a concert, no matter how awesome.

      I have regerts.

  8. I was never really a "go to shows" kind of guy, largely because I didn't know anyone with similar tastes in music. I'm starting to go these days, though, as one of my curling teammates is willing to see bands I'd also like to see. We're going to see Cattle Decapitation, Obituary, Carcass, and Amon Amarth at the Sylvee in madison on December 5th, which should be incredibly awesome.

      1. I go to shows all the time because I can't get anyone else to go with me, including Dream Syndicate last week and Black Lips this coming Friday. However, there is a cadre of people I have met at shows and I usually end up knowing and talking to someone.

      2. A friend of mine went to Gwar by himself because he didn't know anyone else that wanted to go.

        This friend wouldn't be Bootsy, would it?


  9. Most of my concert-going has been at festivals, so I have lots of bands I've seen more than once, and I definitely don't remember all the multiples. I think the most is probably Red Hot Chili Peppers, who I think I've seen 4 times. I think I've seen Foo Fighters 3 or 4 times, and Radiohead is at 3, too. I've seen Of Monsters and Men at least twice, but I think they may have also seen them further down the lineup a third time at Coachella. There are a bunch I've seen twice that I'm not remembering at the moment, but I know I've seen Weezer twice (including my first ever concert - a double bill with No Doubt in 1997).

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