24 thoughts on “November 16, 2022: Snowy Morn”

  1. It was fun reading about concerts yesterday. DMB was fun but they just don't do it for me, but whatever.

    Anyway what's the farthest you've gone to see a band play?

    I've seen the Hold Steady in DC and Mpls but that was while I lived their. I've seen New Found Glory a couple of time, and I made the trek from Fargo to Grand Forks to see Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Good Charlotte, and NFG.

    I've seen THS in London which probably takes the cake, but it was a vessel to build a UK trip.

    1. I saw Wilco in Dublin, but I lived there.

      I think the furthest I've driven specifically for just a concert and come back was from Des Moines to Omaha for the Hold Steady.

      I generally am not a big enough show person that the desire to see someone will overcome me not wanting to travel to get there.

      1. Dido on the travel part. I've driven up to the cities for a concert from here (2.5 hours), but the notion of a big trip for that purpose seems odd.

        That said, I do kind of like the idea of traveling to Red Rocks someday.

        1. I nearly flew from ATX up to the Cities for The Hold Steady+The Replacements at Midway, and didn't.

          That's probably the closest I'll ever come to making a big trip for a concert and #1 on my #concertregret list

          1. I saw various acts on the stage at the Brandenburg Gate on New Year's Eve 2019, but we were there on vacation for a week.

            Also, we really only stayed for sound checks. We were back to the hotel by about ten, I think. Because Olds.

    2. Currently the furthest I've gone is to Chicago. However, I am going to Philadelphia in 16 days to see Guided By Voices and Dinosaur Jr. Then in May I'm going to Red Rocks to see Jason Isbell and Angel Olsen. Didn't pull out google maps to see which is furthest.

      I saw Sturgill Simpson in London, but that has a happy coincidence that he was there at the same time I was there.

      1. Buddy and I flew to NYC to see John Prine, Brandi Carlile and Sturgill at Radio City Music Hall. I saw Atmosphere and Fleet Foxes/Mumford & Sons and Neil Young in London, but it was also just happy coincidence they were there while I was. Longest drive for a show was Williamsburg, VA to Baltimore for a Ween show with my wife.

    3. We went to Vegas to see Alan Parsons, but that was serendipity, we already had the trip booked before we knew he was playing there. We drove to Chicago to see the Monkees (present Mickey and Mike). And we drove to Duluth several weeks ago for REO/Styx/Loverboy. In high school we drove 4 hours to Denver for concerts a few times. Other than that, I've been pretty local.

    4. For me, it’s any of various trips to concerts in Chicago; I think Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette was the first.

      I’ve attended concerts in California, but lived there at the time. Usually those involved going north to the LA area rather than down to San Diego.

    5. I was in NYC for work, but the real reason to be there was to see Sturgill Simpson and John Prine at Radio City Music Hall.

      Two days before the concert, I stepped off a sidewalk wrong and broke my leg. Unfortunately I had to eject back home. Add this to everyone's long list of #concertregrets.

      1. I think we’ve covered this ground before, but I did *not* break a leg and made it to the church show on time.

    6. I traveled 4 hours from STL to KC to see Dave Matthews Band back in 98 or 99.
      This year I traveled 3 hours to Madison to see Royal Blood and Cleopatrick
      I also traveled 2.5 hours to Chicago for In This Moment and Nothing More

    7. My siblings and I flew out to Vegas and surprised my dad with an Elton John concert for his 70th birthday.

      Otherwise, Alpine Valley, WI from Iowa for GnR and again for Lollapalooza.

    8. I attended a Rick Wakeman concert in Garden Grove, CA many years ago, but it just happened to correspond to a Los Angeles trip we were already taking. But I've been to more than one concert in the cities when I was in college, and that was a 4+ hr drive.

    9. I'm going to say Otoboke Beaver in Osaka. I didn't go to Japan specifically to see them, but I kept my eye on their tour schedule and added Osaka to my itinerary to make sure I caught them, so I'm saying that counts.

    10. I've traveled to NOLA for JazzFest twice, but the only time for a specific band was the Rolling Stones before they had to pull out. I also saw a music festival when I was in Tampa visiting Sheenie's sister and realized The Joy Formidable was playing there.

      1. Oh shoot, yeah, I saw Yellowjackets at Downtown Disney's Main Street Stage one year when we were down there, too. Pretty neat being able to walk around from a very close distance to the stage.

  2. If there are any fans of documentaries out there, you might want to check out The Automat. It's a great slice of Americana that somehow managed to make me nostalgic for something I never actually experienced myself.

      1. We watched it on HBO Max, but if you don't subscribe it's available for rent on Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube for a couple of bucks, according to justwatch.com.

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