November 20, 2022: Thin Skin

It was in the low 20s most of the day here which reminded me I don't think my winter coat has come in yet. I was chilly in a way I'd normally reserve for single digits or worse.

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  1. I'm in Minnesota this week, then back to California for another 10 days, before moving back north for the rest of the school year. I was a little worried my west coast thin skin would make for a rough transition to the cold, but even with the current temps, it hasn't seemed too bad so far.

  2. The biopsy results came back on Fizz's bladder yesterday and it was the worst case: cancer. We went this morning to say goodbye to him. My wife found him under my MIL's house and he was an amazing cat. Sweet, talkative and mischievous and playful to the point where his name was perfect. I'm gonna miss the hell out of him.

  3. Last year I was looking for a new wool winter coat to replace my Navy-issue pea coat, which I undergrew. I would’ve replaced it with another pea coat, but the Navy ended its contract with the company I bought it from when they quit issuing pea coats. New Melton wool coats run something like $300+ for a good quality item, so I scored an early Seventies Pendleton camel car coat from a Santa Cruz thrift store for $128 last autumn. Fit like the proverbial glove, and plenty warm.

    1. I got a nice wool blend coat about ten years ago from JC Penney, of all places and it's still going strong. When it's brutal cold I bring out the Field & Stream down parka, but the wool coat is usually good enough if I'm dressed right underneath. I would like to get a nice pair of heavy wool pants to wear over a base layer for playing dog Frisbee, though.

    2. I own a Pendleton red and black check wool coat. One of my favorite articles of clothing but it lives in my parents basement because south Louisiana. I’ll maybe wear it once this year.

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