33 thoughts on “November 21, 2022: Regression”

  1. Has anyone been watching Andor? For me, and a lot of critics, easily the best Star Wars spin-off and doesn't need a cute baby Yoda to pull you in. Season finale is this Wednesday (I think, I usually watch over the weekend). Hopefully it's critical and popular response will fuel better Star Wars content in the future.

    1. Andor has been really good, and a great compliment to Mandalorian, as they're both emphasizing different things. The last couple movies threw a damp towel on the SW world for me, but I've enjoyed the (non-animated) TV series spinoffs.

      1. I couldn't get through two episodes of Boba Fett and while I finished Obi-Wan, it wasn't an enjoyable experience. The recent movies were pretty meh in my opinion too. Now get off my lawn!!

        1. The last movie really made me hate Star Wars at this point, but I still gave Mandalorian a shot. I was enjoying it for a season and a half but then the big "surprise" was spoiled for me, and the nature of that surprise really made me hate Star Wars so I stopped watching that. I didn't bother with the other two shows and I put off watching Andor until last weekend. The only reason I decided to jump in is because all my friends kept telling me its not really Star Wars and its good, which is true. I swear, though, if they somehow tie this back in to the effin Skywalkers or Palpatines I'm going to be very disappointed.

            1. I am still waiting for someone at the House of Mouse to realize that everything after the original trilogy is dreck (Andor and Rogue One excepted), but that there is a ton of good source material in the Extended Universe books. We need a Thrawn movie or two.

    1. I always thought this was a Tom Jones song. In fact I just went to see if he has a version and apparently not released as a single but he did perform it on his TV series. Seems right in his wheel house.

  2. Waiting for the new college hockey rankings to come out. #2 Minnesota swept #3 Michigan over the weekend, and #4 St. Cloud swept Colorado College on the road while #1 Denver was idle. St. Cloud split its series with Denver last weekend. I'm thinking that means the Gophers will move into the top spot with St. Cloud and Denver second and third, but we'll see. I have tickets for the UND game a week from Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it.

  3. I'll be honest, I didn't anticipate that I'd be the first person posting an LTE re: the World Cup. But, hey, U.S. plays today... setting expectations low, right?

          1. I mostly stopped watching FIFA events after the 2014 Men's World Cup. FIFA's sliminess just got to be too much. I won't watch 1 second of this MWC, not even highlights. I consciously avoided the Russia MWC too to the point I have to stop and think "Who won that one?"

            I've not watched nearly as much soccer in the last 6 or 7 years of any type as I used to. These days I only watch the USWNT at WWC, that's it.

  4. My wife's father passed away yesterday. He has been in a memory care facility the past 2 years and his dementia was fairly advanced. We moved him to a nursing home in Paynesville a few weeks back as some scans found his prostate cancer had returned and was very advanced. Saturday, he did not wake up, so the family sat with him all day Saturday and he finally passed on Sunday afternoon. Both my kids were able to join us this weekend to be there with him during these final moments. It was a sad experience, but also a blessing. The past few visits, it was tough, as he didn't really know where he was and who some of us were. He was also in a lot of pain. Last grandparent for our kids. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers some of you have already extended on social media.

    1. Thanks all. Emotionally draining experience. My wife and I both slept in until after 9 am today. I typically wake up before 6am daily, not matter what time I go to bed, so obviously we were both drained. On another note, I had an orthopedic appointment today regarding my knee. We decide to go the cortisone shot route again. The PA felt that we should try that and see if I can get relief for 9-12 months like the last shot. I have a feeling that once the cortisone shots stop doing the trick, I will be looking at knee replacement.

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