18 thoughts on “November 23, 2022: Godspeed”

  1. Already there with the added bonus of getting to enjoy drinks and charcuterie with meat and Dr. Chop the other evening.

    Travel safely, everyone.

    1. I don't imagine it was his intention when he started out all those years ago, but I tip my cap to Stick and Ball Guy for all of the friendships that got started because he let us hang out in his basement.

  2. So last week my brother in law was giving some guy a ride and got pulled over. The guy bailed and ran but left his backpack in the truck with a Taser in it. Because my BIL is on parole, they charged him with illegal possession of a dangerous weapon. Once the cops verified the bag was not his they dropped the charge but because he's on parole there's a DOC hold on him until the hearing officer and his parole officer process his release paperwork. We've been trying to get him out since Friday. Bloody bureaucracy.

      1. Not to make light of Twayn's kin's plight, but I had to ponder on this, too. I'm making the assumption is was an acquaintance from work or something of the sort...which would make the bailing out and subsequent meetings all the more awkward.
        As for bureaucracy I have probably greater-than-justified worry of being caught up in some sort of unexpected legal bind, especially given that it's mostly straight-and-narrow for me anyway. Probably read The Trial one time too many.

        1. "You get one call"

          "I haven't memorized a phone number in 20 years. I doubt the house I grew up in from 1987-1998 would appreciate a phone call at 3AM"

    1. He's trying to say that being Catholic exempts him from the vaccine? He may want to check with the Pope.

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