31 thoughts on “November 29, 2022: Meet The New Boss”

  1. Driving to the airport was fun this morning. Slid through a red light on Normandale Blvd (the guy several lengths behind me in the other lane did as well, passing me).

    I'm hoping my folks got home ok. Be careful out there, kids.

    1. Driving from Eagan to Hopkins was no good. I left ten minutes early to arrive ten minutes late. Even reliable 494 (from a road conditions standpoint, anyway) was pretty bad. The only upside was that there were clearly a lot of people off the road today, so keeping distance between cars was easy.

      …now that I’m here at work, though, I figure we should close as soon as we can.

    2. Heh. I drove from ‘peterville to St. Louis through some really gnarly conditions. Started at 20 degrees and heavy snow and ended at 68 degrees and windy as all get out.

      I’d still be on the road if everything from Memphis to New Orleans wasn’t currently in tornado watch.

      @rhu, I can see the arch from here.

        1. I’m staying as some discount inn next door to the new soccer pitch. That looks like quite the facility. I’m starting to think that my European friend klaus and I may take a road trip to see a footy ball game next season.

  2. Some people spend half their lives working their way up to a place of influence in their chosen profession; others get handed the reins of a sports franchise their grandfather bought as a distressed asset and folded into a multi-billion family wealth management portfolio.

    I’m not saying Joe Pohlad is incapable of running the team; I’m saying we tell ourselves some awfully funny, edge-case stories about a meritocracy in this country.

    1. I'm not a fan of nepotism but none of the professional sports teams in town are run like true businesses. They are generally rich people's hobbies that, due to the limits on competition, are guaranteed to make money. That seems like the perfect job to give to a relative.

    1. On top of last night's game being so depressing because of the quality of play, the seemingly bad luck that always seems to follow this club around is part of the deal when rooting for the Wolves.

      1. And to think I was this close to putting $100 on the Wolves hitting the over on wins for the season ( +/-48). Then I thought, forget Jake, it's the Timberwolves.

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