Best of 2022 Sign-up

Hey, gang, it's that time of year again. Volunteer below to get your slot for the Best of 2022 showcase. As always, first time long time come first served.

12/12: Rhubarb_Runner
12/13: davidwatts
12/14: freealonzo
12/15: CarterHayes
12/16: Can of Corn
12/19: Philosofer
12/20: FirstTimeLongTime
12/21: spookymilk
12/22: MagUidhir
12/23: Daneekas Ghost
12/26: Pepper
12/27: nibbish
12/28: E-6
12/29: New Guy

25 thoughts on “Best of 2022 Sign-up”

  1. Okay, I've added the schedule to the body of this post. Also, I sent an email to everyone with some instructions for those that need them. I BCCed everyone, so there's half a chance it went into your Spam folder if you don't see it. Should you not have received it, let me know and we'll see that you get it.

    As mentioned in the email, you're free to schedule on your day whenever you want.

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