December 7, 2022: Paid Promotion

In my mind, the Tweeter is(/was?) the only good social, which is probably why it was supposedly losing $4m a day. Anyway, after a years long campaign of blocking every account that threw an ad at me (not uncommon I've gathered; probably part of the reason they were losing $4m/day), I'm getting bombarded with lots of weird foreign ads lately. Guessing they're digging hard for sponsors.

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  1. I am spending more time on Mastodon, very little on teh Twitters.

    No adverts. Less drama. No Nazis (that I have noticed).

    (docbrianS on

  2. 9 and $360m for Judge. So maybe I wasn't far off in joking about $40m for a year of Correa.

    Fangraphs had him worth $34.8m this season, after a career-high $49.5m in 2021. Given that he is still on the right side of 30, I guess someone will probably come close to Judge numbers for him.

    1. It’s not my money, but a slightly front-loaded 8 year, $300m deal seems pretty fair on both sides. Correa gets the length and a bump over last year, the Twins gain some payroll flexibility on the back end when he’s not likely going to be a shortstop anymore.

    2. $280M/11yr for Xander Bogaerts. Red Sox fans seem grumpy about their teams' spending these days, but I imagine that Boston is considering Correa a little more heavily at this point.

        1. It’s likely a one-year problem. Machado has strong incentives to opt-out of his deal and sign another $300m+ contract with higher AAVs. Preller gave him two of them — the offers he made to Turner & Judge before signing Bogaerts.

          My guess is that Machado signs elsewhere, Bogaerts gets paid as a shortstop to play third, Kim or Tatís move back to shortstop, and Preller starts panicking about finding $500 million to keep Juan Soto, plus the money he needs to rebuild the rotation after Darvish & Snell are free agents and his decimated minor league system cannot fill the holes he’s created for himself.

  3. It being Pearl Harbor Day, there was an article about the memorial today in Hawaii. The article mentioned that only a handful of Pearl Harbor veterans attended due to age. But this passage struck me:

    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs doesn't have statistics for how many Pearl Harbor survivors are still living. But department data show that of the 16 million who served in World War II, only about 240,000 were alive as of August and some 230 die each day.

    At that 230 dying per day rate, that means the last we can expect the last WWII veteran to pass in about 3 years. Wow.

    1. Each year I used to dust off a funny Pearl Harbor joke, but as it was a bit misogynistic in retrospect, a few years back I let it go.

      In it's place today, a Dad Joke: People somehow think that the aurora borealis is heavy, but it's really pretty light.

    2. At the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day event at Fort Snelling National Cemetery today*, we had no Pearl Survivors in attendance, likely aren’t any left in the state (so far as we know). I believe our last survivor from the USS Ward passed away in 2019 or 2020.

      It wasn’t too long ago that WWII Veterans were the largest share of residents in our Veterans Homes. They have long been supplanted by our Vietnam and peacetime era Veterans. We’re probably down to fewer than maybe a couple dozen out of our 700 residents, MDVA-system wide. Overall, the Minnesota Veterans population has dropped to just over 300,000 in all.

      *passed a Mark’s Towing rig on 494, enroute to the cemetery.

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