January 21, 2023: Louie Louie

Yeah, it seems like a decent haul, but I'm really gonna miss the guy.

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  1. un-stuck, beginning to rip the band aid off.

    A week ago I decided to call the cops regarding a couple of dudes shooting a shotgun into the streets. I've since met with a realtor, the captain of the first district of NOPD, several detectives, the DEA agent attached to the 1st, and provided material evidence of all the shenanigans going on around here. House hit the market today. Later this morning we're going to sign a lease on an apartment, and by this time next week we'll be in the throws of a move.

    I'm conflicted. We made a choice to leave because this shit isn't tenable. I feel robbed tho, like I was forced into this choice. I remember one of my psych professors talking about forgiving the two men who murdered his 17 year old daughter. He said carrying that anger and hate would only ruin his life and rob him of a future of happiness with his wife and other child. This isn't that, but I'm finding it hard to forgive my neighbors right now.

    Oh well. Here's to hoping that the house sells quickly and without drama.

    1. Forgiveness can be hard. We know we should do it, we know we need to do it, but sometimes we just aren't ready yet. Forgiveness can be a process sometimes, and it has to come in its way and in its time. Good luck to you as you go through the process.

    2. Ugh, so sorry to hear that. After hearing your stories, I couldn't avoid noticing the young dude on the steps just down the street from you who was eye-effing us when we left at Thanksgiving and wondering if he was part of the problem or another wary neighbor waiting for a solution.

      What neighborhood is the rental?

  2. See, I've come to the conclusion that championships are rare beasts that we're always unlikely to capture and the more you want top capture them the more miserable you make yourself when you don't. So, if the Twins are not going to spend the money on elite pitching and go all in on winning the World Series, and this move does nothing to convince me they are, they should have kept the batting champion on the roster because he's damn fun to watch when he plays baseball. Losing Arraez just to make the playoffs and go one and out again is going to be a big stain on this FO.

    1. I'll go one step further. Vince Lombardi's famous quote, "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing," has done a great disservice to this country by elevating winning above all else -- above sportsmanship, fair play, the rules of the game, everything. And that's one of the reasons we see our society declining, over the years we've abandoned all of our principles one by one as they got in the way of winning the game or the contract or the job. Now, GOML.

      1. I'm at a 3rd & 4th grade basketball tournament today. You can see the teams where this is true, and the teams where hope for something more lives on.

          1. Sadly, with our own team, whether we're one of the good ones or one of the bad ones seems to depend an awful lot on the score. We can win handily with grace, we can get blown out with grace. But if it's close... that win really really matters then.

      2. Not to be That Guy, but many of those attitudes have long histories in this country, as your citation of Lombardi suggests. I mean, he said it in the 1960s....

        But I heartily co-sign on the implied disdain for modern "club team sports" culture. We've done a great disservice to the large majority of kids who will never be scholarship athletes (as well as to them).

        1. And to their parents who have to spend elite-level money just to have kids in competitive activities they enjoy.

          I’ve railed against what I see as continuous-improvement culture in parenting/organized activities. If more=better, let’s see how much we can push!

      1. Yah. Luis had just over 600 PA this year despite playing only 144 games. At 30 starts times 18 outs, that would be 540 outs.

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