12 thoughts on “January 29, 2023: Playoffs!?”

    1. NFL should really go back to a 3rd QB rule. But have the player not count against the 53 man game day roster. Or make a special exemption for them not count against the salary cap but they can only make the minimum salary. A shame a Championship game came down to the equivalent of Drew Butera pitching the 9th inning.

      1. Is QB the only position where the number of players is spelled out? My initial reaction is "let the teams have as many as they want"

        Want to hedge hard and carry 4? Go for it. Want to throw caution to the wind and not even have a backup? Go for it.

        1. That's a good question. Injuries happen in the NFL and so part of me is like "them's the breaks" (sometimes literally). I can see allowing for a 3rd QB suited only to be used if first two QBs are out of the game but I am not sure that it is really going to help. Can a 3rd QB, who I am sure is 3rd QB for a reason, and not really practiced a ton, really able to bring his team back against a presumably play-off caliber defense? I have a feeling that 3rd QB would probably make things worse with poor throws, etc (Vikings Defense excepted of course).

          1. at least a 3rd QB has played QB and can do the basic like take a snap and throw a ball and has sat in on the QB meetings. Having a position player who probably last threw a ball in high school or first year of college get tossed in a game as big as a Conference Championship game kind of makes it a farce.

            Throwing a QB with a blow out elbow back out in the game because the backup had to be pulled because of a concussion is not good for player safety either.

            1. not good for player safety either

              Yes. A few years back I was very hard on the NFL because I didn't think they had player safety at all in mind, and I stopped watching altogether. I think they've improved somewhat, and now I'll at least watch some of the local games, but almost never any other games. Yesterday was an exception to that (I was with family), and I feel kind of sick about it, because it seemed from the get-go that there were going to be injuries. Players were playing full-speed until well after the whistle, there seemed to be lots of aggression, etc. I think it was only luck that prevented far worse injuries in that game. Had a starting O-lineman gone out or something, I think the Eagles might have killed whoever was in the backfield at the time.

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