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              1. I've never had an Apple computer unless you count an iPhone as a computer. I used them in college and as family sysadmin I've had to work on my daughters' iMacs and MacBooks over the years, but never had one of my own. I got soured on Apple way back when Jobs killed the Newton and my buddy's company died with it.

  1. I was going to make this into a Friday Music Day post but don't really have the time to expand. So apologies for long comment.

    Bad: Bloodshot Records out of Chicago was quite the label in it's day with lots of Alt-Country acts as well as some legacy country acts. It went belly up during the pandemic due to mismanagement, toxic work culture, and pretty ugly behavior by it's owners related to sexual harassment toward some of its artists, (WGOM-fave Lydia Loveless being one of them). With the closure, a bunch of artists were left with unpaid royalties and unclear ownership of records. It was a bad scene.

    Good: Bloodshot was purchased by another company but things had been pretty quiet for the last year or so on their intentions with the label. However, it was announced this week that a new Bloodshot was rising from the ashes, old artists were going to be made whole financially, and that they were going to release new music and make available the back catalog as well.

    Great: One such new release is by Lydia Loveless. Corn and I saw her last summer opening for the Drive By Truckers and her new stuff was pretty good so looking forward to the new album. I think it has a May release but there is a single out called Crawling. One song we heard called Poor Boy was amazing and I'm surprised it wasn't the single. Anyway good news all around.

    1. I went to a Bloodshot showcase at a record store on South Congress in Austin back in 2014. Bobby Bare Jr. , Luke Winslow King, Ha Ha Tonka and Lydia Loveless. It was awesome

  2. Anyone know somewhere in the Twin Cities area that sells really thin-sliced raw meat, for shabu shabu (Japanese hot pot)? I always got it from Asian supermarkets (shout out to 99 Ranch) in California, but the one place I've looked (Dragon Star Supermarket in Brooklyn Center) didn't have it. Any thoughts of other places to check?

    I know I could try to cut it myself, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get it quite as thin as I'd like without a slicer or mandolin.

    1. When we were living in Winona (forever ago), we'd always hit up United Noodle on our Cities visits. Looks like they opened a Woodbury location too. Also, on our last visit to Minnesota, we attended the grand opening of Asia Mall in Eden Prairie. I wouldn't be surprised if you could find it there.

      Or, I could air mail you some stuff from Mitsuwa. 😉

      1. United Noodles was my first thought as well. Several Japanese families who used to live near us also recommended Seoul Foods in Fridley, though I don't know specifically what sort of meat they sell.

        1. Pretty good thread on SVB. They funded a lot of companies with negative cash flow and no tangible assets.

          1. I am (still!) almost 2 months behind on my Economist reading, but just read a piece on how VC funds are sitting on a ton of "dry powder," anticipating a recession.

            In other words, it was pretty predictable that tough times were coming rapidly for startups, particularly those burning lots of cash without healthy sales or companies getting ready to go public. Anybody needing new funding rounds was gonna take a hit due to rising interest rates.

            Not quite sure how that all factors into shorting SVB stock, but....

            1. People in finance who figure out ways to tank the economy are seemingly a renewable resource.

              I read the president of SVB was on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco up until Friday, and was a leading advocate of a certain former President’s efforts to gut key aspects of Dodd-Frank related to regulatory review & stress testing. Unfortunately, hoisting himself by his own petard is going to cause collateral damage to others who didn’t deserve it.

              1. It might be a little exaggeration that this is taking the economy. It's just poor interest rate risk management, circumstance, and depositors panicking.

                I still don't understand why they were lending to these startups. They have no tangible assets or cash flow. I heard that SVB was the only meaning option they had.

  3. The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers are sitting in the catbird's seat as college hockey post-season play begins, ranked #1 in the nation and the clear playoff favorite. They've been a strong team throughout the year and they seem to be peaking at just the right time. Quinnipiac finished regular season play ranked #2, with Denver, Michigan, and Boston University right behind them. Harvard, Western Michigan, St. Cloud State, Ohio State, and Michigan Tech round out the top ten.

  4. I spent a week deciding whether to dive into a more expensive Xfinity plan to get the WBC on MLB Network, only to realize a few days in that it’s through Fox sports this time around and I already have it. Just in time for Australia-China….!

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