March 11, 2023: The Tim Version

I forget who nominated it for the Summer Mix (dw?), but I was so happy to learn about the Tim version of "Can't Hardly Wait" (which ended up being the closer (great mix that year)). It's so much better than the official release. It has so much more desperation, longing, and edge than the slick, produced version. Love it.

24 thoughts on “March 11, 2023: The Tim Version”

      1. Savings Time is considered the better option*, but sucks to be living in the north in the winter, for sure.

        *I forget the exact reasoning, but it changed my mind at the time. In any case, keeping either of them forever is a better option than what we have now.

    1. I'll adapt to whatever, but if we have year-round daylight saving time, there will be days where I live when sunrise is about a quarter past nine.

      What I really want is to have the sun come up sooner and set later all year round, but I haven't figured out a way to do that.

    1. Bud is absolutely legendary, and I’m sure will be missed by his family & the organization…but are they truly shocked that a 95 year old has passed away? That’s pretty insensitive of the experiences many fans’ families have had the last three years.

      1. You're right, but I kind of get it, too. Even though we know everyone is going to die, there are some people who you start to think are going to be the exception. Our pianist in the Agar church was 98 when she died, and it still was kind of a shock. She was still playing the piano, and playing it well, up to almost the end, and she didn't look any different than she did when I moved here eleven years earlier. People like that just kind of become a fixed part of your world. Even though you know it's going to happen, it's still kind of a shock when it finally does.

  1. When the COVID vaccine was finally approved for the under-5 kids, I thought we should go with the two-dose regimen instead of the three-dose schedule. My spouse really wanted the extra efficacy and I didn't care that much so three shots it would be. He received his second dose back in July and turns out he will "never" get that third shot. Something that I predicted would happen last year. The pharmacy's scheduling system set us up wrong for the third dose (it was the right time but the system didn't do the proper math) so now we get to wait until he turns five at the end of the month to get the 5-12 shot instead after failing for the fifth time this morning. The pharmacies will take a reservation but never have the car available...

  2. My best friend, who happens to be my brother, and his wife had their due date yesterday and nothing has happened as of yet. As first-time parents they’re in that mode where it feels like it’s never going to happen, but a week from now they won’t remember what life was like before they had him.

    1. Best of luck to your family on the pending arrival. I remember that feeling of waiting and it sucks. We went two weeks overdue with our first and they eventually decided to induce. That didn't go so well as it stalled out at around six centimeters and after 27 hours of forced labor we ended up having a C-section. Mrs. Twayn got a nasty infection and was in the hospital almost a week after I took the baby home. But yes, life before parenthood was pretty soon forgotten after that.

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