12 thoughts on “March 15, 2023: Beware”

  1. Do those who Omaha have any can’t-miss favorite food spots? I’ll be out there this summer so the Poissonnière can visit (meet, really*) her only living grandfather, who lives across the river. Here are a few places already on my radar:

    Eats: Ahmad’s Persian Cuisine, Block 16, Early Bird, Lola’s, Kinaara, Lola’s, M’s Pub, & Saddle Creek Breakfast Club
    Sweets: Coneflower Creamery, Olsen Bake Shop, & Square Donut

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    1. Our tastes run mostly to simpler fare, but I can however highly recommend Dolce. It is owned and operated by the son of close friends, he also happens to be a James Beard nominated chef.

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