6 thoughts on “March 22, 2023: Ramadan Mubarak”

  1. Some tough news in Twins territory.

  2. I've spent multiple hours over the last few days trying to rescue data from the Girl's Galaxy S7. She was out for a run, tripped, and pretty much smashed it.
    Unfortunately, she (a) didn't create a Samsung account; (b) hasn't ever backed up anything to her Google account or anything else; and (c) hadn't enabled USB debugging or installed Find My Phone or any other tools that would have allowed me to access her phone's data without having to use the toasted screen.

    When I connect it to my laptop (directly or through my port replicator), the device shows up, but with no files on it. When I try to connect it directly to a monitor or TV (USB OR HDMI), nothing happens. Boo. So I think she is SOL. (the three apps I found that purported to work in these cases pretty much all required USB debugging to be enabled or the screen to be functional)

    We were intending to replace her phone anyway during her visit this past week. This just accelerated things a bit. She got an iPhone 14. All sorts of upsell/side-sell bs goes on at the Verizon store. Ended up with a new, mobile-enabled iPad along with her new phone. Allegedly, it will only cost me an extra $11+ per month (line charge) plus activation fee and blah blah blah.

    Meanwhile, the Boy is installing Verizon FIOS in his new apartment. Can't wait for next month's bill....

      1. It's mostly contacts, plus some pictures, texts and WhatsApp messages. She'll live, per her.

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