March 29, 2023: Drafting? I Guess?

Sorry, didn't seem like we addressed the keeper issue, so I'm just going to let it slide again (we need you, rpz!). Anyway, the baseball draft is tonight.

17 thoughts on “March 29, 2023: Drafting? I Guess?”

  1. I completely forgot that we had a league! It's apparently been a long off season. What's everyone thinking for this year? I can push the draft out and try to get keepers set up, or we can do a clean draft this year.

        1. one thing i've noticed though is the overlap of period breaks kind of works. you can start with hockey, go back to basketball for the 1st intermission, go back to hockey at halftime, back to basketball at the 2nd intermission, eventually back to hockey to close the 3rd, and then usually there's about 3-4 minutes left on the clock by the time the hockey game is over.

          that said, i'd still rather have them schedule things better.

  2. Younger Daughter called to tell me Clapton is playing the Xcel in September and she had a presale code if I wanted it. I've seen Clapton twice and know the prices will be ridiculous, so I was pretty meh. Then I saw the special guest is Jimmie Vaughan and now I'm not so sure...

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