The Twins are 5-5 in their last 10 games and 10-10 in their last 20.  That pace is, of course, enough for them to pull away from the rest of the AL Central as no one else has more than 8 wins in their last 20 games. If they win today, this April will be one of only two 17+ win months we've seen from this team in the last 3+ seasons.

Feasting on the bottom of this division seems like a very solid and doable plan. So far, so good.  Minnesota is 5-1 against the Royals, with the only loss coming because they didn't like nibbish's game log yesterday.

Hopefully this game log is more palatable.  Sonny Gray goes against Brady Singer. One of these pitchers has an ERA that is 10 times larger than the other.


46 thoughts on “GAME 29: ROYALS @ TWINS”

  1. the last time the Twins had a 16 win April was 2002. The last time a 17 win April happened was 2001 (18)

    1. I made a noise like what Delmon must have made.

      I'm pretty sure that's the longest HR I've seen in person

  2. The basement floor is done and I got my new desk put together. The end of the project is near. This two out rally is a nice dessert after doing construction things.

      1. No, I just needed a bigger desk because the place I'm working at gave me three widescreen monitors, although I might be leaving there soon because its a crappy job.

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