10 thoughts on “May 28, 2023: 3 Day”

  1. Twins game today.

    Neighbor's daughter is intern in the ticket office so free club level seats.

  2. Working 9-5 today and tomorrow. I will probably do lawn work after work today and may take the missus out golfing tomorrow evening.

    For those who golf, I played in a tournament on Wednesday. I hit driver off the tee on 12 holes and only missed the fairway once (by 18 inches). I hit 3 wood off the tee twice and missed the fairway once by 2 feet. On the 4 par 3 holes I missed the green once. For me this is a pretty good day off the tee box. Unfortunately our team was not too good on shot #2 each hole. We finished 10 under par which put us in 9th place out of 36 teams.

  3. I always like to watch the start of the Indy 500 if I can and today I can. I worked the Friday and Saturday games, so today I'm going to do some work on the Tucson (replace a fog light, rear glass lift supports, oil change, etc.). I don't think the cabin air filter on that vehicle had ever been changed, the car smelled pretty stale and when I changed it last night I pulled a wad of crud as big as a bird's nest from between the filter and fan. I'll take the Santa Fe in for a car wash today, too, we drove it to Brainerd last weekend and hit a bug storm on the way home. Then it's time for some yard work with the Twins game on the radio and I'm setting up the big glamping tent we bought for Elder Daughter's wedding night at the venue (they and many of their friends will be camping overnight, we will be in a comfy Air BnB nearby), along with a bunch of solar lights on poles that need testing. Then I have a pile of oak and maple twigs and branches to burn so after dark we'll have a fire and drink cocktails in the back yard, maybe roast some hot dogs and make s'mores.

    1. I've never been a big fast, racy car guy, but I've been starting to get into some F1 racing lately. Watched most of the Monaco race today. I was always very NASCAR averse, but I think that's more of a culture thing.

      1. I grew up about 100 mile from Indianapolis, so that race is in my blood. I'll watch some other motorsports here and there, but Indy is special. Also, if you want to watch something real wicked, motorcycle racing on ice.

        1. I just recently learned that the Race is blacked out on Indianapolis TV. In this day and age, that just seems weird to me.

        2. If the wind was just right, you could just make out the track from my house growing up.

          I don't know any of the drivers anymore, but I always try to catch the end of the race. Yesterday was nuts

  4. We've got a good friend having an open house at his place in Old St Charles, where the guys are bringing lawn chairs and instruments, plus lots of food. The weather is outstanding and humidity is low (whaaaaa?!?). I'll be picking up 20lbs of meat from Heavy Smoke BBQ, and helping dispose of a lot of it as well.

  5. My mom and step dad are coming to visit so I'm smoking some ribs. Weather will be perfect for it.

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