10 thoughts on “May 31, 2023: Fevver Day”

  1. Philosofete and I got ourselves caught up on Ted Lasso, and I'm excited to watch the finale tonight. I can't recall the last time I was so current with a show - probably Parks & Rec. Thinking I'll probably put up a Movie/TV post tomorrow, since I've got lots of thoughts. Well, some thoughts. A thought?

  2. Finished Barry and Succession this past week. I really want a Noho Hank prequel on Barry.

    1. That looks better than my mom and dad's version of the North St. Paul Sandwich. Toasted white bread, a fried egg (over hard), american cheese and Ketchup. Probably once a month I will make one of these for myself (except the egg still has some run in it's yolk).

      1. I'll stick with the over hard, but maybe sriracha ketchup or even salsa. I don't eat white bread anymore, but pretty much any bread toasted sounds good

      2. My go-to breakfast sandwich is a fried egg over medium, ham and cheese on English muffin toasting bread, grilled. My other is just a Denver omelet in a big Costco croissant.

      3. Swap the ketchup for mayo and I that was a staple breakfast for me for a long time, but also with a runny yolk, and ham. The mayo, American cheese, egg yolk combo gave it an almost mustard like flavor.

        Also, I must try this St. Paul sandwich.

        1. Left-=over steak from the night before on inverted Brioche bun with sunny-side egg and melty cheese in the middle - toast the buns in a little butter like grilled-cheese sandwich.

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