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  1. We let the Poissonnière play hooky a little this morning.

    Next week is the last week with the metro system that’s been in place since I moved to the People’s Republic over 17 years ago. I’ve ridden the same bus on my commute for 16 out of those years. When the Poissonnière moved from an in-home daycare to a beloved local daycare center, she started riding that bus, too. She & would ride as far as her daycare, located a block from my first address here, and I’d get off with her for drop-off and catch the next bus to campus. The Poissonnière was a little over two years old when we started that, and from the beginning had impeccable public transit manners. Regulars on the bus got to know her and a select couple became her Bus Friends; a pediatric nurse who worked at the children’s hospital was a favorite, and even though she retired pre-COVID, we still go trick or treat at her house every year. That routine a rumor ly ended in March 2019; the Poissonnière never returned to daycare or the bus.

    So we got up earlier than usual to go ride the bus one last time. (It was not as early as we used to get up; if I can avoid 5:45 weekday alarms for the rest of my life, that’ll be a delight.) We rode that route one last time, as far as her old daycare, got off, talked about that old routine, and hitched a bus ride back to where we left the car near our favorite coffee shop. We stopped in for a treat, then headed off to school.

    Not exactly closure, but a send-off for the 38. Now comes his rapid transit on a route directly from my neighborhood to work.

  2. I am looking to add an outdoor satellite (or, worst case, extender) to my wifi 6 mesh setup (Netgear Orbi RBR750), because the existing setup doesn't really work on my back patio (it is behind a small studio building/former 1-car garage, and a narrow breezeway between it and the house.)

    The router/base unit is about 60 feet from the patio, as is the closest satellite (both are on the second floor, with base unit on the ground floor).

    Any (helpful) suggestions? I am seeing a (discontinued) Orbi outdoor satellite, which is very pricey. I may be able to locate a satellite inside the studio/garage, at around 45-50 feet from the base.

    1. And the available (indoor) add-on satellites are spendy ($200 and up! for compatible units). Oy.

      Netgear seems to like to exploit product differentiation to lock in customers by the short hairs. ☹️

      1. All of the mesh providers are pricey. Running an Ethernet cable to the garage (there are ways to do that in a weatherproof way) and using that for another mesh connection would be best. Second option might be Ethernet over power. Speeds won't be as good but the wiring is already done and it wouldn't be that bad.

      1. Padres have done so. The Twins are in the final year of their TV deal so I expect much of the league to follow what the Twins choose when they can. MLB now has a useful test run with the Padres broadcasts to make a blackout-free future possible.

          1. Speaking of Apple tv+, how the hell do you turn off the goddamn closed captioning?

            App on a Samsung smart tv via a Roku box. TV thinks captions are off. But they are not.

                1. Are you guys having seizures?

                  Anyhoo. Whatever you are suggesting ain't working on either the TV remote or the Roku remote.

                  1. If you pause, do you see the icon that looks like a cartoon caption? You want to arrow to there.

      2. What about old people? My parents watch the Twins religiously on cable TV. They will not know how to navigate watching via an app.

        1. From the article:

          But with just four months left in the contract and another large payment due July 1, it's entirely possible this ruling means Diamond walks away from the Twins and MLB takes over production of games — showing them in much the same way over cable and satellite as they currently are on Bally Sports North, with an added streaming option for non-subscribers at a monthly fee. Indeed, Miller's prediction is that this happens by July 1, which would be right in the middle of the season.

          Sounds like they would still be available on cable but also available on MLB.tv. I think the old olds would still be out of luck with no broadcast.

    1. Interesting reading that after Longenhagen's review of the Twins prospects this morning.
      Gleeman on Wallner:

      Wallner is far from a can’t-miss prospect. His bloated strikeout rate is a possible red flag and, at 6-feet-4 and 220 pounds, his outfield range is limited. But elite raw power and the ability to draw walks in bunches figure to make up for a low batting average, and the former college pitcher’s top-of-the-scale arm strength is a legit weapon defensively. He has substantial long-term upside.

      Longenhagen on his future:

      Why isn’t this guy just a top 100 prospect? Well, Wallner is a liability on defense and his hit tool is pretty flimsy. While he has thunderous, impact power, there are fair questions about whether or not he’ll get to it against big league stuff because of how often he swings and misses. He is often underneath high fastballs and over the top of offspeed stuff, even when both are finishing in the zone. His 70% Z-contact% last year would have comfortably ranked last among qualified big league hitters (Josh Donaldson’s 75.5% mark was dead last in 2022). A below-average athlete with poor body control, Wallner is a bumbling outfielder and baserunner. It’s possible he’ll experience late growth in these areas because, after all, we’re talking about a former two-way player who has missed significant time due to the pandemic and injury, but these will likely be long-term flaws in Wallner’s game. Still, there is so much playable power here that Wallner is likely to be a strong-side platoon option as a RF/DH who has some years with 25-30 bombs.

      The contact rate in the zone and fielding inability give me pause. With Buxton as the primary DH, that doesn't leave a spot for Wallner except as a platoon for Buxton.

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