June 8, 2023: Not Enough

In my auction league, even though I was flush with cash, I didn't put down near enough money to pick Elly up. I thought everyone else was sleeping.

(I did pick him up in the WGOM league though...)

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    1. Iron horse.

      Railfans are a real thing. I once worked at the St. Louis county historical society museum and depot in dull-youth and the number of vhs tapes of rare engines running in exotic locals we sold at the gift shop still blows my mind.

  1. So we've mostly finalized our road trip destinations. Looks like we're doing Des Moines to Kansas City to Omaha then back home. Ya'll gave me KC recommendations. If you have any must dos near Omaha, throw them at me.

    1. If you are in Omaha during the College World Series (June 15-26ish) I would recommend checking that out. Family friendly, lots of activities, relatively inexpensive to see a game, etc. Also I think the Omaha zoo is considered top notch if you like zoos.

          1. As info, if travelling E/W and planning on using I 70 or I 80, consider US 36. We just "discovered" it our last trip north, and it is four lanes and scenic without all the ungodly truck traffic burdening the other two highways.

      1. That is the exact timeframe we're going! Thanks, we will check it out

        Has anyone been to both the Omaha and Kansas City zoos and has an opinion on which one is better?

        1. We have been to both, they both are very good, I would have to say Omaha's is better. Omaha has many indoor exhibits like the jungle, aquarium and desert dome which are nice when the weather is miserably hot.

    2. Strategic Air Command museum is about 40 minutes southwest of Omaha. Also, the Pony Express museum in St. Joseph between KC and Omaha was pretty fun.

      1. Heartily recommend the SAC museum. While out that way the wildlife park is just across the interstate. Both are great.

      1. Go to DRAKE!

        For real though, the childrens museum is good. Sculpure garden downtown is good. Great Farmer's Market on Court Ave. Gray's lake is a nice walk. Living History Farms. Saylorville lake.

        Tasty tacos. Fong's Pizza, Centro, Snookie's Malt Shop! Jethros.

        Skip the zoo for sure. Both Omaha and KC's are lightyears better.

        I'm sure I can come up with a bunch more if you need.

    3. Our daughter is going to college in Des Moines now, but nothing stands out particularly WRT kids. We like the city, though!

      - Iowa Cubs should be in session?
      - There's a children's museum downtown, I think
      - Zombie Burger if you want to try some ridiculous burgers
      - Iowa Taproom for a billion beer choices with a meal
      - She has studied at the Iowa State Law Library, which looks ridiculous

      Out of the city:
      - We've not done this rail thing, but might try it at some point
      - High Trestle Trail Bridge is another place we'd like to try
      - If you like a little hiking, Ledges State Park didn't feel like we were in Iowa

    4. Omaha, off course the Zoo. World's largest indoor Jungle, desert dome, etc. etc. If the Storm Chasers are in town they have a very nice, newer family friendly ballpark. If you're into museums the Durham Museum is a nice history museum in a restored train station and the Joselyn Art Museum is actually pretty good if you're into art.

      1. Forgot, Omaha also has a Children's Museum that I hear is good. Can't say though, we've never been, no children and all that.

  2. I forgot to add that I complained in the group text to the guy who outbid me, and he rightfully gloated. About 10 minutes after that, I got a notification that De La Cruz jacked a 458 ft donger.

  3. Update on my fitness journey.

    1. yes, they were never going to be powerhouses, but they're badly underperforming, too (thank you "offense") -- they have a +35 run differential

  4. This was my prediction when they changed the schedule. All the talk has been about the Twins not winning in the playoffs. Very little mention of them getting too the playoffs by beating up on terrible Detroit and KC teams.

    1. Awwwww nuts. Wade was one of the bright spots of my internment in west Texas. I actually looked forward to the afternoon npr broadcasts featuring his voice, and I always turned up with volume a bit when his stories hit the national broadcasts.

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