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Wolves @ Lakers 9:30pm

Last night's win was simply awesome. Between Derrick Williams being unleashed to Micheal Beasley going en fuego leading to this awesome exchange a the :28 mark between Ricky Rubio and The Beas (also, Ricky Rubio has gotta be leading the lead in .gifs. His passes, his dances, his dusting people off. what a joy).

Last night's win also guaranteed a winning record for the month of February (now 8-6 for the month) and that is now 2 straight winning months (January they went 10-8). Before Jan, the last time they had a winning month was January of 2009 when Kevin McHale took over for the fired Randy Wittman and went 10-5. THREE years without a winning month. ye gods. The last time the Wolves had back to back winning months, you gotta go back to 2005 (!!!) when again Kevin McHale took over for a fired coach in Flip Saunders and had winning records in March (10-5) and April (6-4).

wow. just wow.

76ers @ Wolves 6:oo pm

The Wolves have a 15-16 record, but are only 8-10 at home. I guess the record could change if some of the bad bounces early in the season went the Wolves way. Tonight the Wolves face a tough Eastern Conference team in Philadelphia. They are a bit of a surprise with a 20-11 records and a bigger surprise (to me at least) is that Doug Collins is their coach and they havent completely flamed out. Thats probably a bit too harsh on Collins. He has a career .527 winning mark, but most of that can be traced to coaching Jordan and Pippen in Chicago in the 80's.

Looking at Philly's roster, they have a 'Wow, this guy is still around' player in Elton Brand and maybe Tony Battie (he hasnt played since Feb 2 though so he may be in a doghouse or something). The Wolves also catch a break because it looks like big man Spencer Hawes is still hurt. The way Pek! has been dominating lately, it could spell bad news for the visitors.

Game 31 7:oo pm. Hey look! We play Houston again!

I dont have much to say about this because I am sick of seeing Houston. The other day, Wolves Radio play by play man Alan Horton tweeted some good Pek! stats

1st 11g of the year N.Pekovic played 4min total. Last 13g (MIN 7-6) he's averaging 29min 16pts 10rbs 62% FG with 3+ FTA/g. #twolves

Pek is shooting 61.3%, would rank 3rd in the #nba if qualified. But he's averaging 7 FGM/g in Feb, at that rate will qualify in 3gms.

Game 30: Charlotte Bobcats @ Minnesota Timberwolves

The Charlotte Bobcats are a bad team. They are 3-25 on the year and are on a 15 game losing streak and their last win was a month ago. They havent scored a 100 points since that win, and have only score 90+ twice on this losing streak. But, the Timberwolves are playing a stretch of bad basketball (4 straight losses) with tons of turnovers (20.5 p/g in that streak) and relatively poor shooting (41% down from their 42% season average...I was shocked that its 41%, but I am guessing Pek!'s high shooting percentage makes up for what seems like 100 misses from outside of 10 feet).

I guess my point is that the Wolves should win this one easily, but the Wolves are not a good enough team to commit 25 turnovers and win the game, even against the crappiest team in the league. Also, you might need a roster list because a bunch of their players are 'really, they are still in the league?!' and Kemba Walker

Game 27: Dallas @ Timberwolves 7pm

It seems like the Wolves schedule is composed of playing Houston 20 times, playing Dallas 20 times, and the rest of the league 26 times. There are downsides to the compressed 66 game schedule. but the upside is that the Wolves are playing a lot of games per week, and when you have a fun or a winning team its nice. Its almost like MLB. Who know how long the players can keep up the pace? The Wolves have been shooting horribly from outside of 10 feet the last couple of games, and its a 50/50 chance the ball goes in the bucket from inside 10. In fact, the Wolves as a team are shooting .429 this season, which ranks them 22nd in the league. Its it tired legs, or are the Wolves composed of a bunch of poor shooters...its probably a little of both.

The Wolves get a rested Kevin Love back after his 2 game mandatory vacation, and Pek! gets the starting nod again because Darko is out with a sprained right ankle and bruised ego.

*note* tomorrows Wolves-Knicks (Linsanity!) tilt is not of FSN. Last year Kevin Love had his 30-30 game against the Knicks and that game was not on tv...might have to scoop up a ducat or two for that

Game 24: .500 is in sight: the search for Curly’s gold

last night, there was no local tv coverage for our beloved Pups. Instead, FSNorth airs college hockey. No, not the Gophers, or any of the other WCHA Minnesota teams. (an aside: notice FSN never shows St. Cloud, Duluth, Bemidji, or Mankato hockey? Its like the Gophers are the only college hockey team in the state #bitterOutstater) They show Michigan-Miami (OH). Really? Heck, they could of showed North Dakota hockey and it would of made more sense.

Well tonight, once again there is no local tv for the most exciting team in market. FSNorth has got Wild hockey on the air, and I wont be bothered to watch that because they play at Dallas and the Wild hasnt won at Dallas since Manny Fernandez was the netminder (Im guestimating there, its been a long time) so once again I'll be monitoring the game on WCCO. The move from KFAN to WCCO seemed odd at the time. Why would the mighty Good Neighbor join up with a pack of misfits like the Wolves? Its not like they are going to bring in the ratings. Anyways, Im glad they are on there because out here in the southern hinterlands 'CCO comes in fine at night where KFAN (AM)dropped signal strength at sundown.

The Houston Rockets are back in town for the 7pm game. Kevin McHale was booed hard last time they were here. Did he deserve it? Probably not, but I just think it was the loyal fans of the team letting out years and years of frustration on inept draft picks and stupid coaching hirings and firings. Maybe the boos will be gone tonight.

Pek! had a monster night last night with 27 and 11 and should replace Darko in the starting lineup. Rubio is freaking awesome. @WolvesRadio tweeted some great numbers about Rubio

@rickyrubio9 becomes the 4th player in #twolves history to have a Pt/Ast Db-Db and have 6+ steals. #nba

In the last 5 2nd halves, @rickyrubio9 has 28 assists and 2 turnovers. #twolves #nba

@rickyrubio9 leads the #nba in 4th quarter assists with 56. #twolves

lets get that .500 mark!