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Game 141: Division Chasers at Division Leaders

Last night's game felt special. Cleveland lost early in the day. There was a chance to extend the lead. Things weren't working amazingly for the offense, but they did enough, and the pitching really stepped up. It had the feel of a team that knew what they had to do, and just executing. And then that final play... Winning a game on a memorable play like that... it seems like the kind of thing you see from the teams that are putting the pressure on others, not dealing with it themselves.

And tonight, the Twins get to apply that pressure directly. With a 6.5 game lead and just 22 to play, Cleveland is running out of room fast. Every win the Twins rack up this weekend further dents the Indians' chances to make to playoffs. It's a stark difference from the last time Cleveland left town, having tied up the division. Two very different directions for the clubs, and now it feels like the Twins can play loose and easy, and let their game be what it is.

I'm looking forward to a great weekend series, and hopefully, maybe even a Francisco Lindor concession speech.

Game 140: Minnesota at Boston

Let’s hope Pérez can get himself on track enough to make Game 9 of this road trip a ‘one-off’. Eovaldi has 7 starts and 11 relief appearances this season and sports a 6.23 ERA and a 1.57 WHIP ... perhaps the Twins can repay the early runs from last night? Also, I would love to see someone take advantage of the Pesky Pole and short walls in right ... lord knows they have more than enough pop.

Hate to see your #1 struggle, but as the great Mr. Aday would say, “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad”!

2019 Game 139: Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox


The Twins are 9-1 over their last ten games. They're 19-11 against the AL East (thanks Baltimore) and now 2-2 against the Red Sox.

Berríos had an extra day off after an improved, but still okay, start. He lost his start against Boston in June, in the midst of regular bullpen implosions. That time was because the Twins forgot how to score for the series.

Let's guarantee at least a season split with another AL East team. Sure, they aren't going to make the postseason, but those are the teams you need to beat.

2019 Game 138 Twins at Red Sox

The day after Memorial Day I wrote this about the Twins being 1/3 of the way through their season: after Memorial Day means the Spring portion of the season is over too. By this time we should be able to get a sense of who the real teams are and who the pretenders are. Obviously all is good in Twins land. Best record in baseball, on pace to smash the Home Run record, 10 game lead on Cleveland -- who doesn’t really look like a team able to play at a .600 pace the rest of the season, Oddo, Perez, Berrios looking great, even bad Gibby has been stuffed in a closet somewhere. Nelson Cruz should be back in the line-up any day, Mitch Garver on track to recover from his injury, Buxton doing (good) Buxton things, the list is endless. So settle in folks, we should have a fun summer of Baseball, and on the Tuesday after Labor Day, hopefully I’ll be writing up a post about Fall baseball coming up and how the Twins need to set up their line-up for the playoffs

Now that it's the day after Labor Day, kind of fun to look back. It has been a fun summer of baseball, the home run record was smashed, bad Gibby did find his way out of that closet, and Perez and Berrios not looking great as of late. That 10 game lead over the Clevanders was eliminated but is now back up to 5.5 games because guess what, apparently the Spiders were able to play at a .600 clip and better for much of June and July, also Twins have 4th best record in baseball now. So playoff line ups aren't being set yet but with the magic number at 20, we can see the end. Just for some context, if the Twins go 10-15 over these last 25 games Cleveland will have to play .625 ball just to force a game 163. If the Twins go 15-10, then Cleveland has to win 7 of every 8 games it plays to force a tie. Now the Twins and Cleveland do still have 6 games with each other, so lots of fun fall baseball ahead.

Speaking of fun baseball, Twins do embark on a pesky 12-game stretch against decent teams. Red Sox, Cleveland, Washington, and Cleveland again. Six to eight wins in this stretch and we can start investing in playoff tickets, especially since the last 13 games of the season are against the White Sox, Tigers, and Royals.

Tonight is the start of the Randy Dubnak era as he gets his first MLB start. Rick Porcello on the mound for the Red Sox and he's been ok but not great this year, which basically describes the Red Sox as whole in 2019. First Pitch at 6:10p

2019 Game 136: Twins at Tiggers

Starting Lineups

Win Probability: 58.5%

Welcome to September baseball. Here's to the Twins playing through October as well. Yesterday the Twins passed the team single season home run record. I missed it live since the wife and I were at the fair, but everywhere we went people were talking about the Twins and checking their phones to see if they broke the record. I got into several nice baseball conversations while standing in lines waiting for food, beverages, bathrooms, etc. Of course, if the Twins don't hold on and outpace the Yankees to maintain their lead in dingers then the record could belong to the Bronx Bombers, not the Minnesota Bomba Squad, by the end of the year. And that would be a crying shame. I don't have to tell anyone that the days are getting shorter and we're flat out of summer, or that games are becoming a dwindling resource.

Big Mike on the mound for the Twins today. He's been our best starter over the past several weeks and after yesterday's hurling debacle the team needs him to step up and deliver once again. The Fighting Tigers counter with Spencer Turnbull (3-13, 4.18 ERA, 112 K). Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend, and thank a union member for your day off tomorrow. Play ball!

Game 135: twins @ tigers

Well, this has been a fun week.

Our favorite team has rattled off a six game winning streak, and they've done it with seeming ease. Oh, and base hits -- lots and lots of base hits.

This evening, the Twins will send Martin Perez to the mound. Maybe it's the lesser quality opposition (yeah... that's probably it), but Martin's been looking a bit better lately. They don't need him to start in the playoffs, but it'd be nice if he could capably fill his spot in the rotation until we get there.

There Tigers will counter with Matthew Boyd. There was a lot of trade speculation surrounding Boyd, but the Tigers appeared to want a ton in return. Looking at what Boyd has to offer.....I don't really see it. He's been fine, and he's got a couple of cheap years left, buy to put it in perspective, his FIP and fWAR are roughly the same as...Kyle Gibson, circa 2019. Who's giving up the farm for a couple of cheap Kyle Gibson years?

In short, Boyd's got nothing, and his numbers aren't going to get any better today. Twins are going to win this one in a walk. Cron and Cruz are going yard, and we're going to have a good game.

Go Twins!

2019 Game 132: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

Jake Odorizzi
Ross Detwiler

Another Wednesday Odorizzi start. This time he gets to face Ross Detwiler instead of Giolito. Detwiler has 5.4 rWAR less than Giolito but he did beat the Twins in his only start against them. His season went rapidly downhill from there, including two more appearances against the Twins in July. He's been home run prone, not in the 2019 sense, but actually. He gave up one home run in each appearance so here's to at least 256 home runs after tonight.