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Third Monday Movie Day

My schedule is such that I'll miss most of this. It's not much of an issue, as I saw a few episodes of Justified (I'm still in season one), finished season four of Dexter (it's still a show that should be awesome but is merely good) and...I don't know, something else. I'm about to try for another big movie month here. There's too much I want to see before I die.

Monday Movie Day

...not so much "Third."

I saw a few excellent episodes of Game of Thrones and some average episodes of sitcoms. I don't think I've seen any movies in the last month, though I did see the first 20 excellent minutes of Skyfall, which had the proper lack of believability. Maybe I'll see the rest today.

Third Monday Movie Day

Third Monday already?! I was hoping for another big movie month, but my Kickstarter derailed that (and everything else). I saw about four...I'll cover them a bit later. As I type this, it's pretty late and I'm not feeling great. I now have two straight days off with very few commitments...I'll probably see as many as I saw all last month.

Third Monday Movie Day

For the eleventieth month in a row, I enter this post wishing I had more to talk about. Maybe in the next life I'll see movies again.

I did attend This is the End. There were some true, huge laugh-out-loud moments. There were also clearly ad-libbed bits that fell flat and brought the crowd to dead silence. All in all, I'm glad I saw it and it was actually the first movie I saw with the Milkmaid in the theater (without our kids) since The Rundown. Remember that? I might not, but for the fact that we found Skim's real name in it.

I've also found time to watch a few episodes of House of Cards, which remains incredible, with superb acting and writing to match. Let me make this clear to those on the fence: I didn't think I liked political shows either, but dude...this show. I also decided what the hell...I'll pick up where I left off in The Office (season eight, about a quarter of the way through). Maybe it's an "absence makes the heart grow fonder" sort of thing, but they were still telling some pretty good stories in a post-Michael Schur world there.

And, as always, I can name everypony on a certain kids' show and have about fifteen songs from Jem and the Holograms burning holes through my brain. The kids don't even watch all that much TV. It just sticks in there.

Now that I've gotten into reading a little bit more (and I'm running a writing season of Survivor again, so it's more than just the books) again, I'm not sure where that leaves me on my quest to see the hundreds of movies in my queue. I have Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Micmacs at my house right now, and I believe that was the disc at my house during last month's post. It's pretty ridiculous that I can't set aside two hours to watch a movie from one of my five favorite directors, but there it is. Kids really suck up one's time when they become interesting, you know?

What have you seen? I'll live vicariously through y'all.

Third Monday Movie Day

I can't name a movie of the month. I know I saw a good one. I'm sure of it, in fact. I just can't remember what it was.

Last night I meant to watch the Kirsty MacColl doc that E-6 pointed out to me, but with today's work schedule changing, it seemed like a bad idea. I'll try to get to it today.

I did see the fifth season of Arrested Development, which was loads of fun, if a bit of a different show (major characters would go 3-4 episodes without appearing). I'm also way into House of Cards and I'm caught up on Venture Bros., which got stranger than ever in season four.

I've been spending a little more time reading, which is cutting into whatever little time I have for the whole film thing. I should receive Micmacs in the mail soon, though, so I'll get another Jeunet movie crossed off the list. He makes movies so infrequently, I really have no excuse not to be caught up.

Something Movie Day

My movie of the month, had I been able to get this together yesterday or the night before, would have been either Miller's Crossing or Barton Fink, both of which I saw for the first time this month. I've got four more movies before I've seen everything the Coens have done, although a couple of them are Intolerable Cruelty and The Ladykillers, which are generally referred to as skippable.

Have at it, Citizens.