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FMD: 2-24-2012

I'm almost always checking out new music and cycling music onto and off of my player. But right now I've got a backlog of stuff downloaded but not imported or uploaded. The new baby and the need to finish Downton Abbey before my MiL takes it back with her to Glenwood has kept me from fixing that.

Also, my good friend from High School, West, is the primary member of A Whisper in the Noise (like Reznor in NIN or David Tibet in C93). I've probably seen him less than a dozen times since graduation and maybe only once since 2003. Apparently they're big in Germany. His Their new video just showed up on my FB. The video itself isn't that great, but I find the song quite cool. It reminds me less of Sigur Ros and more like Cinematic Orchestra, which is a good thing for me.

FMD: 2/3/12

I'm down to six days! Random ten music thoughts:

1. Lydia Loveless will be coming back to MN on March 1, opening for the Hackensaw Boys (???) at the Cabooze.
2. I can't imagine I won't be there. I can't imagine you won't want to be there with me. Here's some more music, and a radio interview, to listen to.
3. EAR's birthday is Tuesday, and I'm taking her out on Sunday. It's my tradition to make her a mixdisc for her birthday, and I'm having a hard time putting one together. Probably because I just want to burn her a CD with 13 Lydia Loveless songs on it, only I don't think my wife would dig the cussing and excessive drinking.
4. I also typically make a mixdisc for her and my in-laws of my "Best of" the year pics that weren't on the summer mix, but I'm running up against the cussing problem again with Lydia and the Weeknd.
5. I'm way too obsessed, I want to name this baby girl "Lydia".
6. EAR says no to that because all she can think of is "Lydia the Tattooed Lady"
7. Lydia the pig looks like she could be a barista at Hard Times or some similar coffee joint.
8. Another of my fave-album releasing guitar-playing gurl singers from this past year, Tristen, will be at the Varsity Theater on May 7, opening for Justin Townes Earle.
9. I just cannot stop staring at Tristen's twitter avatar. If I knew this girl, she could wreck my life. I doubt I could say no to her, no matter the request. Hopefully that won't make things awkward for me at her merch table.
T. My mother told me that if she hadn't named me Adam, she was going to go for Tristan. Seriously? Holy crap, I'd be that much further out there, but I'd probably love "Charlatans at the Garden Gate" even more.

FMD: Jan20, 2012

I should probably shut up about Lana Del Rey, but after her awful SNL performance last week, I went through the comments sections of several websites to read people's thoughts. (I was really hoping to find a writer at Pitchfork or somewhere similiar to have a thoughtful take on it rather than comments, but no dice.)

I was surprised to see that some people were taking a face-value reading of the lyrics of "Video Games":

I'm in his favorite sundress, Watching me get undressed, take that body downtown
I say you the bestest, Lean in for a big kiss, Put his favorite perfume on
Go play a video game
It's you, it's you, it's all for you...

With her flat, dispassionate delivery, I thought this was an ironic song, talking about her dedication to a boyfriend who isn't showing that much interest in her. Like she's realizing that there's nothing there. (Kindof like a reversal of Lydia Loveless's "More Like Them". [Man have I got my obsessions, I should really try to think about other artists from time to time.]) But several commenters made it sound like this was a devoted love song.

However, if I don't pay attention to comments on news or baseball sites, why should what a few comments on music sites carry any weight with me. Mostly, I was just surprised that people would get a different interpretation from this song: I thought it was pretty clear, and my levels of obsession led me to write these two hundred words on it.

Finally: this is probably just for Nibbish, who seems to be the only other person here who digs her music as much as I do.

Let the Random Ten Rumpus begin!

FMD: Jan 13, 2012

Ten random musical thoughts:

1. Lana Del Rey is this weekend’s musical guest on SNL. I’ll be watching. I’m scared, because her other televised appearances (from Europe via youtube) have been spotty, at best. If she tanks, she might become an over-culture punchline before her album is even released. I hope her major-label handlers have taken this into consideration, and prepped her like an American Idol finalist about to go on tour. Alternately, if she’s good, she might get too big too soon and end up like Katy Perry or something.

2. At first, I didn’t really like her newest single, “Born to Die”, but I tried it a few times and it grew on me. Now, if only her big-budget video would have spent its money on video-clip clearance for a legally acceptable video-as-tumblr cut&paste composition rather than cinematic production.

3. If you've got $300 laying around, you can have Bobby Bare Jr. write a song about whatever you want and four quarters.

4. Should we pool some money and get BBJ to write the official theme?

5. Black Dice have a new song that is free for you to stream or download. I think this is their poppiest tune yet, and I think it's great. Soundcloud says it has 9000 plays, and youtube 11000 views. I'm probably more than 1% of each.

6. I think I may be as excited to hear the new Black Dice album as I am the new Lana Del Rey.

7. I gotta back off the Lydia Loveless. I've got like 14 songs of hers I keep playing over and over and I'm getting burned out on them but still don't want to listen to anything else.

7. Parental Joy: driving around with 6yo HPR. He's bored with whatever music's playing (I think it was Lydia Loveless for the 8th straight time), so he asks for the guy that goes "weedle-weedle-weedle" (Only with a cute 6yo, missing two front teeth lisp). He means Colin Stetson!

8. So I put it in and skip forward to "Red Horse" (cos I know that's one of his favorites), and I hear HPR "singing" from the backseat on the parts of the song where Stetson vocalizes through his horn. HPR's sound is in between a growl and a grunt.

9. I'm pretty sure I had about ten random thoughts when I sat down to type.

T. If I had ten thoughts, I guess I lost a few.

B. Damn!!!

FMD: Jan 6, 2012

I had two unfinished points on my best-of-2011 list that I was hoping to get to today. Guess not.
I'm eagerly awaiting DK's best-of-2011 list.

Also to random lists from the rest of you.
I'll assign points to anything released in 2012 (or 1912!).
I've only got one such release: I'll see if it makes it. If not, I'll grab it as my bonus track.

Points to be redeemable for more points at the end of the day.
Any unused points will expire at midnight (CST) on Jan 7, 2011.