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FMD: Dec 2, 2011

1. End-of-the-year is coming. Start planning your best-of lists. Let's try to discuss on the first Friday of the new year (rather than earlier). That will be January 6, 2012.

2. Now that I've got some of my actuarial-education blinders off for a bit, I notice that a new artist I'm listening to has a show in Minneapolis tonight. Her name is Lydia Loveless, and she plays vulgarly fun country-punk about drinking and cheaters and depression. For fans of the Waco Brothers and Miranda Lambert. Here's a live clip of what's probably my favorite song (Lyrics NSFW). She's playing at Lee's Liquor Lounge, doors at 9pm, $8 cover. If I hadn't been blindered and completely ignoring my wife and kids, I would definitely go, but my EAR seems to have been missing me, so I may favor staying home. But if you're looking for something to do tonight, consider this my recommendation.

3. I would have preferred to link first to her Daytrotter Session, which was uploaded on my birthday this year. Unfortunately, those files are no longer free as Daytrotter has had to implement a $2/month subscription fee to keep their lights on. It's definitely worth it for me, so they'll have my credit card number soon. I will miss having that site's performances as a quick way for me to link to artists I like. You can have a free seven-day trial.

4. Lydia's session is particularly good, which does have me excited about her as a live artist. Mostly songs from her first album, but recorded with more life. The session may end up on my best-of list.

5. Finally, a new track from Lana Del Ray (visuals borderline NSFW: sideboob). Just saw this, haven't listened closely. Yet.

6. Time for you to share your randomness.

FMD: Deer Opener (11-4-11)

I've been pretty absent here the past few weeks, I've been very busy at work. My absence will continue over the weekend: I'm driving up to Swanville, MN to hunt deer. At my great-uncle-in-law's. Both my father and father-in-law are in the hunting party. Which I quite enjoy.
As I mentioned earlier, my week's soundtrack has been pretty much 70% Beyoncé (with 20% Merle, and 10% Random). When I put together my end-of-the-year lists, her new album 4 is going to be hard to file: an 8-song album might challenge* Colin Stetson, but those other five or so songs are still there on the album, and she might not get listed at all. At the same time, there's too many good songs for me to pick just one for my singles list (which is where I put songs not on listed albums: otherwise both lists would pretty much be copies of each other.

*Or maybe it's just a brief infatuation with the record and I'll be sick of it by December 1.

I like Kanye West's work, but I hope he never again shows up on a Beyoncé album. Three seconds into "Party", and three seconds of his voice, and I'm hitting the "next track" button.

So anyways, share your list.

FMD: 10-28-11

I think that if the rift between Kim and Thurston is irreconcilable and that their musical partnership must be dissolved along with their marital bonds, the best way forward is for Kim to put her efforts into Free Kitten full time and for Sonic Youth to hire EMA to replace Kim. Check out her Daytrotter Session and her Nirvana cover (of "Endless, Nameless", the hidden noise track from Nevermind). She can play third guitar, and if she can't play bass, SY should just keep that guy from Pavement around, or some other bass player.

Then, as Thurston, Lee, and Steve each decide that as they age, they're ready to take some time off, find other similar talents to replace them in the band. Over time, we may have completely replaced the members of Sonic Youth while still keeping the band together. The band will actually have a chance at outliving its founders!

Do you think this will work? Will EMA fit into the band? Will SY drop Thurston instead, when there's no clear replacement for him? Can the guy from Pavement sing in place of Thurston? Will you give us your random ten?

Friday Music Day: Oct 21, 2011

So my annual ritual for my birthday is a mix CD. Here's what I made:

1. Lana Del Rey “Blue Jeans”
2. Colin Stetson “Red Horse (Judges II)”
3. So So Radio “Disengaged (Live In Studio)”
4. Ha Ha Tonka “Lonely Fortunes (Mile Marker Session)”
5. Meat Puppets “Comin' Down”
6. Rocky Votolato “Red River”
7. The Spring Standards “The Hush”
8. Robert Randolph & The Family Band “back to the wall”
9. Alabama Shakes “I Found You”
10. The Sugarcubes “Hit”
11. Zola Jesus “Shivers”
12. Lana Del Rey “Video Games”
13. Johnny Cash “The Mercy Seat”
14. Ha Ha Tonka “No Great Harm”
15. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy “Ohio River Boat Song” (Greatest Palace Music version)
16. Sonic Youth “Pink Steam”
17. The Pharcyde “Passin Me By (Hot Chip Remix)”
18. The Tamlins feat. Alborosie “Baltimore (Alborosie Remix)”
19. Luomo “Tessio (Radio Edit)”
20. Zola Jesus “Run Me Out”

So that's what I'm feeling this week. That and Merle.

Friday Music Day: Oct 14, 2011

So, I'm all psyched to see Ha Ha Tonka have their First Ave mainroom debut tonight. But yesterday, I'm paging through the Onion and I see that So So Radio is playing at the Whole tonight, too. So it's like my favorite and second-favorite bands. I quick e-mail the lead singer of SSR to find out when they're playing. He said "About 9". HHT is opening for Robert Randolph and the doors open at 8pm, meaning they'll probably start at 9pm, too. Crud, I was hoping for a super night of: HHT show at First Ave, quick departure for the U of MN, and then SSR to cap it off.

Fitting that they'd play at the same time tonight, they're the only bands I care a lot about that like baseball. HHT are 3/4 big Cardinals fans (1/4 Royals fan). And SSR is at least 2/3 Brewers fans (the last third may be ambivalent). I had already committed myself to the HHT show.

However, the $5 cover to see SSR is a pretty good deal. You should go if you can. Here, stream their album. As a counterpoint, here's a little acoustic set from HHT.

Gah! I want to see both shows so bad!

Friday Music Day: Oct 7, 2011

Ha Ha Tonka will be opening for Robert Randolph and the Family Band at First Ave one week from today. I have a standing offer to buy anyone I know their first HHT ticket, but with a $20 cover, I hope I don't get a rush of takers.

I've now listened to a few of these Randolph albums, and I don't really them that much. Reminds me of my least favorite songs from Fishbone's Reality of My Surroundings and Give a Monkey a Brain...: generally those that Angelo Moore did not sing on. Without the Angelo-ey goodness surrounding the others' songs, I doubt I would have their songs a second listen. They do seem like they'd be a fun band to see live, particularly with someone to dance with. But preggers EAR won't be able to go.

Zola Jesus will be playing at the 7th Street Entry on Wednesday night. I missed her last time around. I should probably get to this show, before she has to play bigger venues.

Anyways, you may now share your random T1E1N.

Friday Music Day: Sept Final, 2011

It took me like two months, but I'm not really loving Colin Stetson's New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges. Probably time to buy it. It's been a hell of a week for me at work (I think my brain needs a dual-core processor), and this is hitting the spot. Especially the very song that was a featured WGOM video, "Red Horse". Thanks, Hitman!

With work, I haven't been listening to the videos as they come, but I keep them in my RSS feed and listen on the weekends.

Let the list sharing... Commence!

Balloon Guy Day: Sept 23, 2011

First and unrelated, I had a backlog of the past few weeks' City Pages and Onions that I hadn't read. Before throwing them out on Tuesday morning, I quickly scanned through them and saw that on Monday night, Mad Professor played the 7th Street with Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem opening. I'm quite bummed that I missed that. Twilight Circus (the Dutchman Ryan Moore, formerly of the Legendary Pink Dots) is responsible for what is probably my favorite Dub album, Horsie. If that's not my favorite dub album, then it must be Mad Professor's No Protection remix of Massive Attack. Dang, how often does a bill like that come around? How often does Twilight Circus come around at all?

OK, now my rambling thoughts on Balloon Guy.
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