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Game 150: Two of the Same Thing vs. Colorless Socks

Big Pelf (5-12,  5.31 ERA) vs. Quintana (7-6, 3.56 ERA)

I check the standings when I remember to prepare a game log to figure out which game number to put in the title, and its been an increasingly depressing activity this season.  Fortunately, there's the Pale Hosers manning the bottom of this division. I was contemplating putting up the magic number for the Twins to hold off the Sox to avoid finishing last in the AL Central, but there's nothing magic about it so I decided not to.

Anywho, I presume Mauer is being shut down for the rest of the season meaning the lineup is still a diminished Willingham and a bunch of "young" guys, so that's fun.

What is actually fun is the reaction down here to the Badgers losing this weekend. People take this crap way too seriously around here and get really deluded about things. Its both humorous and insufferable at the same time.

2013 Game 149: Twinkies at Pale Hose

I was at the store the other day and noticed that, after a bankruptcy forced hiatus, Twinkies are back. I may be late in making this observation as I lead a pretty oblivious life, but I'm taking it as a sign that next year the Twins will rebound and have a great season. Because unreasonable hope has kept me going for about half a century now, and I'm just too old to give it up.

On the hill tonight we have Liam "Hard Luck" Hendriks (1-2, 5.25 ERA) looking to get some run support from the Twins offense, versus Erik "The Winless Wonder" Johnson (0-2, 4.66 ERA) for the White Sox in a completely meaningless game for either team or their fans. So, you know...go Pirates!

Play ball.

Game 147: Rays @ Twins

Andrew Albers vs. Matt Moore.

Not to say that any of the remaining Twins games look hopeful on paper, but this one really doesn't. They play against a motivated team, facing an All-Star caliber pitcher who strikes out just shy of a batter an inning.

Our fine starter, meanwhile, walks a batter every other start (seriously, he walks absolutely nobody, it's ridiculous - not quite 2005 Carlos Silva ridiculous, but still). Unfortunately, batters are more likely to strike out against the drunk girls at the bar after the game than they are against Albers.

So, obviously this one's a win, right?

Game 145: A’s at Twins

Already down 4-0. You know why?

No grit!

Prove that there's some pride in the clubhouse and there can be some emotion, because this team doesn't show much fire. It's understandable when the two best players through the years - the M & M boys - are not alpha personalities. That doesn't mean the rest of the team has to be that way. And when the front office starts team-building for 2014 it would help if they bring in some grit and some edge. Aren't those hockey terms? Should I be griping for some snipers, too?

Thanks, LENIII. I would have asked for some starting pitching.