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2015 Game 152: Cleveland at Minnesota

I'd like to give this a proper opening, but we've all been phoning it in on these for so long - thanks to the on-field play of the local nine - that's it kind of hard to remember how we used to do it.

It doesn't help that my company and DirecTV have essentially severed ties unless something changes soon, so I have no ability to catch games from work, and these days I'm primarily working nights. So I have too little appreciation for what's actually happening on that field until the playoffs on FOX start.

First, let's actually earn entrance into the playoffs. The Twins, Angels and Astros are chasing the final playoff spot, which isn't something I would have predicted typing this season.

Rookie Cody Anderson goes for Cleveland. He's been successful this season despite striking out just one for every two innings pitched (he doesn't walk many, either). He faced the Twins once this year, and they pounded him in a start where he left for the disabled list.

Hopefully, Good Kyle Gibson shows up for the Twins. Kyle is of course 10-10 this season (and 25-26 for his career), earning his dual WGOM nicknames.

I still can't envision the Twins in a postseason game this year, even after all this time, but with ten games left to go I'm thrilled that there's still