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2012 Game 159: Tigers at Twins

Anibal Sanchez (passable) at Liam Hendriks (a work in progress)

This one might have trouble matching the excitement level of Game 163, but at least the Twins can slow things down for the team that employs Miguel Cabrera, and Hendriks can try to stop Cabrera from winning that Triple Crown that would nab an MVP award that Mike Trout deserves. Beyond that, I guess I just look at every win over #63 as an improvement over last year, so I may as well be happy. There's no real difference between 63 and 68 wins in the scheme of things, but dudes, it's all we've got.

I'd like to watch some of the playoff-implicating baseball today, but annoyingly, I'll be at work until the last games are ending. Oh well.

Game 158: Tigers @ Twins

It's Linds and I's fifth anniversary today, so we're going to be sitting right up close to the first base line for this one. The good news is that we'll get to see one of the best pitchers in the major leagues, the bad news is that he'll be pitching against us.

Justin Verlander takes on (digs hand in starting rotation box and pulls out random slip of paper) P.J. Walters.

Oh, yeah. This should be wonderful.

It's the last Saturday game of the year. I expect this game log to be packed when I get home.

2012 Game 157: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins

Some dude
Some other dude that's probably worse

Six games left. Another bad year. Since the season is all but over, let's take a look at how the team performed versus the league.

Batting: 9th (4.38 runs/game)
Pitching: 14th (5.19 runs/game)
Starters: 14th (5.94 runs/game)
Relievers: 8th (4.19 runs/game)
Fielding: 11th (.688 DefEff)

Compared to last year:
Batting: 13th (3.82 runs/game)
Pitching: 13th (4.96 runs/game)
Starters: 12th (5.16 runs/game)
Relievers: 14th (4.94 runs/game)
Fielding: 14th (.677 DefEff)

I don't think the numbers for this season are describing anything we don't already know: the starters have been awful. I do think the improvement in the offense and relief pitching from bad to below average makes this season not a complete loss. I am very curious what the Twins will do this offseason.

2012 Game 154: Evil Incarnate at Twins

First Pitch - 7:10 p.m. (set your digital watches)
Television - FSN

This late in the season, Time is not on our side. But with just over a week to go, we have a chance to at least play the Bandits and help our bretheren in Baltimore (including the Gentleman Masher) steal the American League East division title away from Evil. Of course, it won't be easy, but nothing is when your team has turned into a bunch of bumbling midgets that have stolen the map of all the holes in the Universe (like the one that sucked our starting rotation right into oblivion this season) and you're on the run from Bud Selig the Supreme Being.

On the hill tonight Liam Hendriks will face off against Andy Pettitte in a classic pairing of  rookie non-phenom versus veteran ace. In another time or place I might do a deep and thoughtful performance analysis of the two starters or the two lineups (probability level -99.7%), but honestly, today I feel  so mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence that I won't bother. Hell, gents, this thing only ends one way or the other. But it sure would be nice in the waning days of another lost season to have a hand in knocking the boys from the Bronx off their precarious one-game perch and forcing them into the playoffs as a wild card team instead of a division winner. And besides, you can never get enough of puppies this time of year.

Play ball!