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2013 Game 156 Recap: Twins 4, Tigers 3

The quest to stop other teams from clinching at Target Field began with a pitcher's duel through 4. Pelfrey and Verlander, nearly indistinguishable in anything but appearance and pitching ability battled each other until the Ghost of Twins' teams past bounced a pitch of Pelfrey's over the fence for a double. Tigers 1-0.

The Ghost struck again in the top of the seventh with a double, followed by a single, another single, another double and then a walk. Fien got pulled for Pressly and a double play ended the inning, but the Tigers scored two more. Tigers 3-0.

Double was the theme of the game and Escobar bounced one against the left field wall in the bottom of the 8th with Thomas scampering home to give the Twins a run. A Doumit double scored Escobar and minimized the deficit to 1, but that was all the Twins got in the 8th. Tigers 3-2.

Bottom of the ninth, last chance saloon...DOZIER! A lack of a second Dozier in the lineup meant free baseball. 3-3.

Perkmatic, Swizzlestick threw runless frames and on to the bottom of the 11th. More Dozier! This time it was just a single, but it was a lead off one! Gardy wisely realized that Willingham has never bunted once in his life and let him swing away. The strategy paid off when Hammer struck out on a wild pitch and Dozier advanced to second. Up stepped Pinto-don't call me Punto- who shot a line drive to right field. The Ghost from Twins' teams past picked it up as Dozier was digging around third and threw it with all of his strength home. Strength doesn't equal accuracy though and not all ghosts haunt forever. DOZIER SCORES AND THE TWINS WIN! 4-3.

2013 Game 142 Recap: Twins 6, Disgruntled Retired Catcher 3

Does anybody still do these? I guess it doesn't matter.

In another fall(nearly) makeup of a spring game, the Twins clashed with another losing team from a major market. Unlike the Mets though, the Twins won.

Miracles were performed with a couple hundred people in attendance. The Twins scored runs with nobody out and the bases loaded. The Twins got crucial hits with runners in scoring position. The bullpen didn't give up any runs.

Not playing the Blue Jays was the key to the game.

2013 Game 136 Recap: Twins 10, Houstons 6

Who ever said dongers don't win baseball games? The Twins went yard a total of four times in Houston's most spacious wiffle ball park, scoring 7 of their 10 runs using big ball. It was the second of Colabello's pair of big balls that put them over the top in the ninth though, causing the Houston crowd to pour out early to beat the other dozen people to their cars.

Meanwhile, in the race to be better than the White Sox, the Yankees decided not to take Labor Day off and stomped the South Siders 9-1. The gap between common crapitude and the basement of horrid despair has been widened to four games.

2013 Game 123 Recap: Twins 1, NY Mets 6

Remember when interleague baseball used to be fun? A yearly ritual in which that National League was shamed before their American League betters?

Yeah, me neither.

Gibson continues to make the case to be shut down for the season, while the Twins lineup appears to have already done that.

The next three games are in Detroit. It might be better to focus on how well Mauer is doing, or whether Swarzak can perfect the movement on his sinker. Or the fact that TC Bear could destroy all other mascots in a softball home run competition. You know, the positive things.

Game 115: Twins 5, White Sox 2

Correia goes 7 innings allowing 0 runs on 5 hits while striking out 7. 

The Twins scored all of their runs in the 5th: Dozier went deep for the 11th time this season with 2 men on followed by Mauer's 9th HR of the year with 1 runner aboard.

The Twins scored 19 runs over the 4-game weekend series on 11 homeruns...every run came by way of the long ball. On the other hand, they were 7-62 with RISP.

After the game, Jamey Carroll to Kansas City for a PTBNL or cash considerations. In 2 seasons on the roster, Jamey hit .257/.327/.301 and saw time at 2B, SS, 3B, DH & P.

The Twins are 7-3 in their past 10 games. They hold a record of 52-63, good enough for 4th place in the AL Central (7.5 games behind KC for 3rd).

Next up -  home against the Clevelanders and a chance to see if Andrew Albers can follow-up his debut gem with another solid outing.

Game 92: Twins 10, Yankees 4

Well, I said I wouldn't post another Sunday recap if the game had been a losing effort. I'm glad that didn't even last 1 time through the order! The Twins had 14 hits on the day and cashed in on 2 Yankees errors to score 10 runs. Aaron Hicks hit his 8th Home Run of the year, a 2-out, 3-run shot in the 3rd inning off of C.C. Sabathia who, by the way, took his first loss against the Twins....since nearly ever. He had been 11-0 in his last 12 starts against the Twins.

There's more, if you care to read on...

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Game 88 Recap: From the Livejournal of Cole DeVries

July 11, 2013

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Well, I finally moved out of my hotel room in Rochester and signed a lease on a pretty good apartment. Dad and Janelle rented a U-Haul and drove a bunch of my stuff from my old apartment in Minneapolis all the way here, so I can finally be comfortable. I didn’t realize how much I missed my Xbox lol! I've been playing COD a lot again, but I'm a total noob now after not playing for a while. I guess I just have to accept that maybe I’ won’t be as good as I used to be. That’s a lot easier to do with COD than it is with Baseball.

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