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2018 Game 149: Twins at Royals

This is the time of year when scarcity sets in. You realize that in a fortnight, Twins baseball will be done for the year. Generally this inclines me to watch all the Twins baseball I can get my eyeballs on, but this year I find myself caring less and less. The front office giveth, and the front office taketh away. The Twins send Gibson to the mound, and while we hope for good Gibby today, his best efforts could easily and might well be negated by the bullpen. Jakob Junis takes the hill for the Royals. It will almost be a relief when this season is behind us and we can all focus on curling again. Play ball!

Game 143 — Yankees at Twins

Twenty Games left. Dreaded Yankees in town. Beautiful September evening. Baseball. 9/11 Tributes.

Yankees putting up Sonny Gray, who is considered a spot starter, so that the regular starters can get a bit of a breather. Makes sense. Yankees have won 9 straight against the Twins, and are pretty much ensconced into the first Wild Card Slot. Why not use a spot starter for this game?

Tyler Duffy is the Opener for the Twins with Kohl Stewart the Primary pitcher. Stewart did pretty well in this role last week so hopefully Duffy can do his part in the first and second innings.

Game time 7:10p.