Happy Birthday–August 31

Dad Clarkson (1866)
Duke Farrell (1866)
Red Ehret (1868)
Monte Cross (1869)
Eddie Plank (1875)
Sarge Connally (1898)
Ray Berres (1907)
Ray Dandridge (1913)
Danny Litwhiler (1916)
Frank Robinson (1935)
Claudell Washington (1954)
Tom Candiotti (1957)
Von Hayes (1958)
Mike Hartley (1961)
Hideo Nomo (1968)
Pat Howell (1968)
Gabe Kapler (1975)
Tim Raines (1979)
Armando Gabino (1983)

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to brianS’ son.

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Game 135: Twins lose again, Zack struggles to care

I didn't get to watch or listen to this game at all, as I was working until midnight at my former job as part of a consulting gig I offered to take on until I can transfer all the knowledge I amassed during my tenure there. I have very limited internet access at my new job, so I won't be able to post tomorrow, so I wanted to get something up.

I checked in a couple times during the game and was surprised to see they scored 6 runs. I was less surprised that they lost anyway thanks to their craptastic bullpen. As I can't give a whole lot more than that on the game, I thought I'd start a post which may be early to talk about the 2012 Twins (who I sincerly hope earn their W back).

I think part of the big problem they're going to have next year is that the there is a very thin crop of middle infielders, which I still think is their most glaring need. I don't mind having Plouffe, Nishioka, Casilla, or Hughes manning those spots occasionally, but we basically have four guys who should be backups as the starters. And the depth beyond that is... well, I don't consider that depth. It's too bad Jose Reyes has probably played himself into a $100+ million deal. We could sign a Type A free agent without surrendering a pick!

I'm assuming that Span & Revere are for sure in the outfield. I'm guessing one of Cuddyer or Kubel will be back. I'm thinking Tosoni & Benson will be in the mix at some point. I don't have a lot of concerns here other than Cuddyer getting a giant albatross of a contract.

The starting pitching was clearly exposed this year, and who knows what they'll ride into next year with. The bullpen is, um, less than adequate. I'm hoping they can restructure something to lock up Nathan for another couple of years. I hope Neck Fat isn't a disaster again. I hope Perkins continues to be lights out. I would like Duensing back into the 'pen. After that, I hope they can find someone on the scrap heap and not pay them outrageous sums of money.

I think right now outside of Mauer, Morneau, Span, and Valencia, I don't know who I'd be too attached to on the roster to carry over into next year. I think next year's team is going to look vastly different. I hope there is a front office shakeup. Any chance they can go hire Andrew Friedmann to overhaul the team? I just don't want them to think everything will be fine when they're healthy. This team had horrible health and was unlucky... but there were a crapload of problems beyond that.

What are your thoughts on what next year's team will look like? Thinking about a better roster next year is about all I have left.

Minor Details: Games of 8/29

Buffalo 6, Rochester 5 in Buffalo.  The Bisons broke a 4-4 tie with one in the fifth and one in the sixth.  Jeff Bailey singled and homered, driving in three.  The homer was his fourteenth.  Brandon Roberts, Aaron Bates, and Toby Gardenhire each had two hits, with Bates raising his average to .312.  Eric Hacker allowed all six runs (five earned) on seven hits and two walks in 5.2 innings.

Richmond 10, New Britain 5 in Richmond.  The Flying Squirrels scored two in the fourth to break a 2-2 tie, then scored five in the sixth to put it away.  Mike Hollimon singled and homered, his fifteenth.  Yangervis Solarte singled and doubled to raise his average to .320.  Chris Parmelee and Evan Bigley each had two hits.  Logan Darnell took the loss, allowing six runs (five earned) on nine hits and a walk in 5.2 innings.  Reading also lost, so the Rock Cats remaining a half game in front for the last playoff spot.

Charlotte 5, Ft. Myers 2 in Ft. Myers.  The Stone Crabs scored two in the seventh to break a 2-2 tie.  The Miracle had just four hits.  B. J. Hermsen worked six solid innings, giving up two runs on eight hits and a walk while striking out six.  Matthew Tone took the loss, surrendering two runs on two hits and two walks in one inning.

Belolit 6, Clinton 3 in Clinton.  The Snappers scored four in the fifth to break a scoreless tie, then hung on.  Michael Gonzales singled, doubled, and homered, driving in three.  The home run was his fourteenth.  Nate Roberts singled and doubled, raising his average to .302.  A. J. Achter struck out ten in 5.1 innings, allowing three runs on six hits and two walks.  Bart Carter struck out three in 2.2 innings, giving up only a walk.  Jose Gonzalez struck out three in the ninth, giving up one hit while getting his thirteenth save.

Elizabethton 6, Princeton 5 in Elizabethton.  The Twins scored four in the fifth to break a 2-2 tie, then held on for the win.  Miguel Sano hit two home runs, his nineteenth and twentieth, driving in three.  Eddie Rosario singled and homered, his twenty-first.  His average is now .332.  JaDamion Williams had two hits to raise his average to .326.  Marcus Limon went 5.1 innings, allowing three runs on five hits and four walks.  Cole Johnson pitched a perfect ninth, striking out two, to get the save.  The Twins have clinched a playoff spot.  They close out their regular season tonight.  Four teams are in the Appalachian League playoffs.  Each series is best of three.  The E-Twins will play East Division champion Bluefield beginning tomorrow night.  The first game is in Elizabethton, with the next two (if necessary) in Bluefield.

F%#*&! Up – Turn The Season

As a rule, I try to stay away from bands with the F word in the name. As another rule, I tend to shy away from bands whose singer only wears boxer briefs and sneakers on stage for a majority of the show.  Furthermore, I usually don't care for bands who have singers that sound like crappy hardcore singers.  For some reason though, man, I really dig this tune.


As you would imagine, this song is in no way appropriate for work. Also, the sound quality isn't perfect. Not that would would expect it to be. NXNW, 2011.

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