Elliott Smith – Independence Day

i decided to go with one of the lesser obvious choices.

EDIT: well, the video i posted was available last night, but not anymore. stupid copyright infringement. less than 10 of you watched it, right? wait, silly question. anyway, let's go with the acoustic version.


see if you can hear smith's under the breath response to the obligatory idiot yelling the "freebird!"

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2011 Game 82 (2nd Half, Game 1) Recap: Brewers 7, Twins 9

Minnesota (36-46)  -  Milwaukee (45-40)
WP: Dumatrait (1-1)
LP: Loe (2-7)
SV: Perkins (1)

JI JIM Mashes Taters and the Iceman cometh up big time as the pair drove in 4 runs and scored 4 runs. Jim crossed home plate 3 times but arguably the biggest moment was not career HR 595 in the 2nd (which was nice), it was the 2-out walk off of Grienke in the 4th. Juicy followed with his first hit of the day, a double, which paved the way for Rene Tosoni's 3-run blast. The Iceman's donger got the Twins back into the game after a terrible top half of the 4th saw the visitors throw up a 5 spot.

After that, it was all Twins bullpen (with a little help from Kotsay in the 7th). Snicklefritz, Dumatrait, Nathan, Capps and Perkins combined to go 5 innings giving up only 1 run on 4 hits. Twins batters scored 4 times in the 7th - all with 2 outs and all off of walks or singles...or on the hilarious fielding error by Mark Kotsay.

Nathan looked good in the 8th. Conversely, Capps looked pretty bad in the 9th. Gardy, quite surprisingly, pulled him out after he managed to put runners on 1st and 2nd with only 1 out and Prince Fielder due up. Perkins got the call and struck the big vegetarian out on 3 pitches! The Brewers still had one more batter, but you just knew it was in the bag after that.

Neither Grienke nor Blackburn figured in the decision. Zack went 6 innings giving up 5 runs on 5 hits, 4 of them earned. Nick went 4 innings giving up 6 runs on 6 hits, all of them earned.

Cuddyer is our All Star representative. They announced it during the game and he got a pretty good ovation. After that, it's a good thing he got in on the scoring with 2 RBI on 2 hits as he badly misplayed a ball off the right field wall in the 4th, leading to a triple for Kotsay and at least one of those 5 runs for the Crew.

On a personal note, I'd like to post a thank you to Cornsilk  (thanks for that one guys) who took me to the game today. She doesn't follow the World's Greatest, but I am blessed and wanted to share it with you all.

Weather: Gorgeous

Time of Game: 3 hours 14 minutes

Attendance: 41,195

I love pork. You should two.

Best Breakfast in New MexicoCarne Adovada, pork marinated in red chili, is one of my all time favorite dishes. You can eat it topped with a fried egg for breakfast (or dinner for that matter), in a burrito, on corn tortillas, smothered in cheese with a side of sour cream, or, my personal favorite, stuffed into a sopapilla and drowning in red chili sauce. If you ever find yourself in Albuquerque I would recommend stopping by the Frontier restaurant for breakfast (order the number one with carne adovada) and then have dinner at el Patio (get yourself a stuffed sopa with red). This is not a dish for the faint of heart, but it doesn't have to burn you on both ends either. There are a ton of variations on making adovada that range from mostly canned to the totally-labor-intensive-but absolutely-worth-the-work version. After the jump I'll spell out a couple of fairly easy ways to make this delicious dinner or breakfast if that's what sets your hair on fire.

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Second Half, Game 1: Brewers at Twins

Wouldn't it be cool if the major leagues do as the lower-level minors do with the first-half and second-half winners both getting into the playoffs? You could wipe the slate clean halfway through the season and give last-place teams in July something to hope for. That's something the Twins could lobby for.

As it is, the Twins have still gone 19-9 in their last 28 games and they've managed to hover around the fringes of contention thanks to a mediocre division. If they can continue to hang in there until at least Delmon and Kubel can return, then they might be able to put another big run together.

The key will be for the team to figure out how to avoid the long losing streaks. This is why today's game is so key. The Twins need to avoid letting last night's Crapptastic ending force them into another losing streak. A win today would do just the trick.

Blackburn also needs to bounce back after his last disastrous start against the Dodgers. Having a heavily right-handed Brewers lineup should help him as long as he can keep the ball down in the zone. GO TWINS!!!

Minor Details: Games of 7/2

Lehigh Valley 1, Rochester 0 in Lehigh Valley.  The IronPigs scored the game’s lone run in the eighth.  Dustin Martin singled and doubled.  Scott Diamond took a complete game loss, giving up five hits, walking none, and striking out five.  The Red Wings stranded nine runners.

Harrisburg 11, New Britain 3 in New Britain (Game 1—Scheduled 7 innings).  The Senators scored eight in the first two innings.  Brian Dozier doubled and tripled, raising his average to .368 in 61 at-bats.  Yangervis Solarte had two hits to raise his average to .324.  Starter Steve Hirschfeld lasted only 1.1 innings, surrendering eight runs on eight hits and three walks.

Harrisburg 9, New Britain 3 in New Britain (Game 2—Scheduled 7 innings).  The Senators scored three in the third to take a lead they would never relinquish.  Yangervis Solarte had two singles and a double, raising his average to .330.  Evan Bigley singled and doubled.  Starter Blake Martin pitched just three innings, allowing four runs (two earned) on three hits and three walks while striking out three.

Ft. Myers 9, Charlotte 3 in Ft. Myers.  The Miracle scored five in the first.  Danny Rams singled and hit a three-run homer.  James Beresford singled and tripled.  Anderson Hidalgo singled and doubled.  Reggie Williams and Nick Romero each had two hits.  Oswaldo Arcia hit a two-run homer.  Aaron Hicks left the game in the first inning after drawing a walk—no reason was given.  Pat Dean got the win, giving up two runs on five hits and two walks in 5.1 innings.  Matt Schuld pitched 2.2 scoreless innings, striking out three.

Beloit 7, Kane County 2 in Kane County.  The Snappers scored three in the third and three more in the fifth.  Michael Gonzales singled and doubled.  Nate Roberts hit a solo homer and Daniel Santana hit a two-run homer.  B. J. Hermsen struck out ten in seven innings, giving up a run on four hits and two walks.

Kingsport 8, Elizabethton 6 in Elizabethton.  The Twins tied it with a run in the eighth, but the Mets scored two in the ninth to win.  Roy Larson had two doubles and a single.  Kennys Vargas hit a two-run homer.  Justin Parker allowed five runs (two earned) on five hits in 4.1 innings, walking none and striking out none.  Madison Boer pitched the ninth.

GCL Red Sox 3, Twins 1 at Twins.  The Red Sox broke a scoreless tie with three in the seventh.  Aderlin Mejia  and Joshua Hendricks each had two hits.  Starter Bobby O’Neill pitched three shutout innings, giving up two hits and no walks.  Marcus Limon followed with two shutout innings, striking out three.  Markus Solbach took the loss, allowing two runs (none earned) on a hit and a walk in 1.1 innings.

DSL Twins 4, Cubs1 3 at Twins.  Ronald Jimenez singled with two out in the ninth to drive in the winning run. Felix Gallardo had two hits.  Starter Reyson Zoquiel gave up two runs on four hits and three walks in four innings.  Edgar Martinez pitched three perfect innings to get the win.

The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize?

The music department here at the WGOM would like to once again wish jobu and peckish jane on the successful delivery of Famished Pete to their family.  I'd like to think this as a song read to an infant.


Then again, it might be a little heavy for a little dude.

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Game 81: Brewers 8, Twins 7

Matt Capps sucks. Joe Mauer is a wuss. This was the worst ...

Nope. I'm not going to say it. Every time someone says it, a worse one comes along.

I just would like to know if this was the eighth inning and Capps was considered a setup man, how long would he have been in there? I would have to believe that he would not have been allowed to face Nyjer Morgan.

Maybe some good will come out of this if Joe Nathan is reinstated as the closer. It certainly couldn't hurt.

Remodeled basement. Same half-baked taste.