The Black Crowes- The Night They Drove Ol Dixie Down

A friend of mine proclaims the Black Crowes to be his favorite band. While I might not agree with him there, they do pretty great covers of the Band. And really, what more can you ask from a group?



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Solar Sox Summary

Obviously, the numbers mean nothing; this is just for fun.

Where they stand:  Mesa is 0-5, third in the AFL East, four games behind Salt River.

Who's hot:  Brian Dozier is hitting .462/.533/.769 in 13 at-bats.  Chris Herrmann is .500/.625/.833 in 6 at-bats.

Who's cold:  Aaron Hicks is hitting .000/.071/.000 in 13 at-bats.  Cole DeVries is 0-0, 10.12, 1.88 WHIP in 2.2 innings.  Brett Jacobson is 0-0, 16.20, 2.40 in 1.2 innings.  Bruce Pugh is 0-0, 19.29, 4.29 with 5 walks in 2.1 innings.  Dakota Watts is 0-1, 16.87, 2.83 in 2.2 innings.

The Nation Has Problems, Vol. 4

About Last Month

So as I mentioned last time, both of these have relatively simple solution. For the first problem, calculating probabilities is a pretty futile exercise. You can try it for a small value of n and do it, but if n is--say--1,000,000, things will get out of hand in a hurry. The trick to this problem is just to note that if you throw 2n+1 coins, you will either throw n+1 heads or n+1 tails, but not both. Since the probability of each of these events is the same by symmetry, the probability that either player wins must be exactly 1/2.

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2011 LCS, Games 1 and 2

St. Louis at Milwaukee (Game 1), 3:05 p.m. CDT, TBS
Jaime Garcia vs. Zack Greinke

Detroit at Texas (Tigers lead ALCS 1-0), 6:45 p.m. CDT, FOX
Max Scherzer vs. Derek Holland

I was kind of hoping that the ALCS would have the first game today. For whatever reason, I always thought it was funny when one LCS had two games done before the other one even started. Of course, that meant a Game 2 ending within an hour or so of the other series' Game 1 starting. Oh well.

I guess I'm rooting for the Brewers since they were the only team that I actually picked to get this far. I have mixed feelings for the Cardinals. I think they have a truly great fan base and I have the utmost respect for Pujols. Plus, they have Lil' Nicky. But I have nothing but contempt for La Russa. I have no reason to root against the Brewers.

Apparently, even Justin Verlander can't overcome the loss of Delmon Young.

Solar Sox Summary

Mesa led 4-2 after six, but Salt River scored in each of the last three innings to take a 5-4 victory in Mesa and keep the Solar Sox winless.  Once again, the winning run scored on an error.

Ryan Wheeler (Arizona) had four hits, two of them doubles, to lead the Rafters.  David Nick (Arizona) singled and doubled and Jay Austin (Houston) had two hits.  Josh Zeid (Houston) worked a scoreless eighth, walking one, to get the win and Josh Wall (Dodgers) pitched a scoreless ninth, giving up one hit, to get the save.

For Mesa, Josh Vitters (Cubs) led the way with three hits.  Tyler Saladino (White Sox) and D. J. LeMahieu (Cubs) each had two hits.  No Twins position players appeared in the game.  Bruce Pugh threw one inning, giving up a run on a hit and three walks.  Chris Carpenter (Cubs) struck out two in the ninth but gave up the unearned run to take the loss.

The Solar Sox are off today.  Still seeking their first win of the season, they travel to Scottsdale Monday night.

Remodeled basement. Same half-baked taste.