Game 116: Red Sox 4, Twins 3

WP: Albers (4-3), LP: Capps (3-6)

I didn't see a recap for last night's game...perhaps that was done on purpose? I have no doubt this will add very little to the current GOSO sentiment currently enveloping the WGOM, but I'm bored this afternoon and this post from JoeC included some interesting thoughts from the manager about the pitcher last night. Full disclosure, I didn't watch the game - just heard the end of it in the car, but a career high in walks is pretty brutal. However, Gardy seemed to think that F-Bomb did okay.

There were a lot of pitches that were close, borderline, just missing, and we like where the ball was, down around the knees. That's a pretty good start for him. Hopefully he can continue that process.

As you can see from the strikezone plot, Frankie was down in the zone. I guess my hope is that he can continue to work on staying down, throwing strikes and getting ahead in the count for the remainder of the year. His value to the Twins depends on those moments of brilliance associated with that funky delivery and left arm.


Do the Twins Lack Passion?

I just want to run something by everyone.  I’m not sure I agree with it myself, so I want to know what other people think.

As the Twins continue to lose, one of the things I’ve noticed is that there seems to be a lack of passion or intensity within the team.  We’re not reading articles about how frustrated the team is.  We’re not hearing about people being upset about the situation.  There seems to be no fire, no spark, no life. The basic reaction to a loss is, “Well, darn.  We’ll have to try again tomorrow.”

It’s easy to look lifeless when you’re losing, of course.  Still, I wonder if part of the reason for this is the way the Twins have gotten rid of every player who might cause problems for Ron Gardenhire.  People who are fiery, people who are passionate, are not always the easiest people to be around.  Intense people sometimes have that intensity come out in ways that are not the best.  Still, it seems to me that having a few people around who can stir things up is a good thing for any organization.  I wouldn’t want a whole team of them, but having a few can keep you from becoming complacent and accepting of situations you shouldn’t accept.

This is not to say that I think the Twins don’t care.  I assume anyone who wears a big league uniform cares.  I think, though, that this caring seems to be expressing itself in a very workmanlike way, rather than in an enthusiastic, passionate way.  Emotion plays a role in all sports, and I don’t see much emotion in the Twins right now.

Again, I’m not totally convinced of this argument; that’s why I’d like to hear other opinions.  It could be that the reason the Twins are losing is just a plain old lack of talent and ability, and that there’s no need to look any farther than that.  There’s a part of me, though, that says a well-applied bat to a door would not be the worst thing that could happen to this team.

Minor Details: Games of 8/9

Durham 10, Rochester 6 in Durham.  The Red Wings scored first, but the Bulls took a 5-1 lead after three and were never threatened.  Justin Morneau had two doubles and a single, raising his average to .409 (9-for-22).  Dustin Martin had two singles and a triple.  Luke Hughes singled and homered.  Brian Dinkelman had two hits.  Scott Diamond surrendered eight runs (six earned) on eight hits and a walk while striking out five in four innings.

Altoona at New Britain.  Postponed.

Ft. Myers 6, Bradenton 3 in Ft. Myers.  The Miracle trailed 3-2 half-way through, but scored two in the fifth and two in the seventh.  Oswaldo Arcia had two doubles and a home run, driving in three.  James Beresford singled and doubled.  Angel Morales and Danny Rohlfing each had two hits.  Josmil Pinto homered.  Tom Stuifbergen pitched seven strong innings, giving up three runs on eight hits and no walks.  Bruce Pugh struck out two in two shutout innings to get his thirteenth save, giving up just one hit.

Beloit 12, Quad Cities 6 in Beloit (Game 1--Scheduled 7 innings).  The Snappers scored seven in the fifth to overcome a 6-5 deficit.  Lance Ray had two singles and a home run.  Daniel Ortiz singled and doubled.  Andy Leer hit a grand slam, driving in five for the game.  Jairo Perez hit a home run.  Starter A. J. Achter surrendered six runs (five earned) on nine hits and two walks in three innings, striking out three.  Bart Carter and Jose Gonzalez each worked two shutout innings, each giving up two hits and a walk.  Carter was the winning pitcher.

Quad Cities 6, Beloit 5 in Beloit (Game 2--Scheduled 7 innings).  The River Bandits led 6-2 and hung on to win.  Tyler Grimes singled and homered.  Pedro Guerra yielded six runs on six hits and three walks while striking out six in four innings.  Sam Spangler worked three shutout innings, allowing a hit and a walk.

Elizabethton 3, Danville 2 in Danville (10 innings).  Eddie Rosario doubled in two in the ninth to tie it and Kennys Vargas homered in the tenth for the win.  Vargas also doubled and singled, raising his average to .324.  Max Kepler singled and doubled.  Niko Goodrum was 2-for-2 with three walks.  David Hurlbut pitched six innings, giving up two runs on six hits and a walk.  Cole Johnson struck out two in two shutout innings, giving up two hits.  Steven Evans and Matthew Summers each threw a perfect innings, with Evans getting the win and Summers the save.

GCL Twins at Rays.  Postponed.

DSL Twins 18, Padres 3.  The Twins scored two in each of the first three innings, four in the fourth, and eight in the sixth.  They had only eleven hits, but drew thirteen walks and received five Padres errors.  Adonis Pacheco had three singles and a triple, driving in four.  Dubal Baez and Ronald Jimenez each had two hits.  Jimenez and Ernesto Ciprian each scored three times.  Starter Felix Jorge went four innings, giving up two unearned runs on three hits and a walk.  Jose Abreu got the win with three shutout innings, giving up a hit and two walks.

Happy Birthday–August 10

Jim Clinton (1850)
Odell Hale (1908)
Willie Wells (1908)
Taffy Wright (1911)
Buddy Lewis (1916)
Bob Porterfield (1923)
Rocky Colavito (1933)
Tom Brookens (1953)
Tim Brookens (1953)
Jerald Clark (1963)
Andy Stankiewicz (1964)
Gerald Williams (1966)
Sal Fasano (1971)
Wilson Ramos (1987)

Tim Brookens is the twin brother of Tom Brookens and played four years in the minors, reaching AA.

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The Shakes – You Ain’t Alone

It is customary as WGOM vjays to play songs with live videos. Today, I am breaking that custom. You can give this video a lesser rating because of that. However, it is my duty to bring you terrific music. This is me doing so.


The Shakes are an unsigned band out of Alabama that have a lady singing Otis Redding tunes kind of vibe to them. This is their profile page on reverb nation. While they are not playing in the Twin Cities soon, nor do they have a record out for you to buy, I suggest keeping an eye on this group. This song is too good to go unnoticed.

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