Happy Birthday–August 12

Christy Mathewson (1880)
Ray Schalk (1892)
Harlond Clift (1912)
Fred Hutchinson (1919)
Bob Buhl (1928)
Kevin Cooney (1950)
Matt Clement (1974)
Lew Ford (1976)

Kevin Cooney was an eleventh round draft choice of the Twins in 1972.  He pitched in the Twins' organization for two seasons, then a shoulder injury ended his playing career.  He then became a college baseball coach.  He was the head coach at Montclair State from 1984-1987 and at Florida Atlantic from 1988-2008.

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Eleanor Friedberger – I Won’t Fall Apart On You Tonight

So it turns out her brother, Matt, was the one committed to being one of the worst live performers of all time.  Good to know.


The fairer part of the Fiery Furnaces, live in Toronto, 2011. Go buy her new solo album.

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Minor Details: Games of 8/10

Rochester 11, Durham 3 in Durham.  The Bulls scored first, but the Red Wings scored six in the third to take a 6-1 lead.  Justin Morneau singled and homered, scoring three times and driving in three.  Dustin Martin singled and doubled.  Mike Hollimon scored three times.  Jake Stevens gave up eight hits but only one run (unearned) in four innings.  Cole DeVries struck out four in three shutout innings, giving up two hits and a walk.

Altoona 5, New Britain 0 in New Britain (Game 1--Scheduled 7 innings).  The Curve led all the way, scoring in the first inning.  The Rock Cats had just five hits.  David Bromberg allowed four runs on eight hits and two walks in four innings.

Altoona 14, New Britain 1 in New Britain (Game 2--Scheduled 7 innings).  The Curve scored six in the first.  Mark Dolenc had two singles and a double.  Spencer Steedley was pulled out of the bullpen to start and lasted only one inning, surrendering seven runs on seven hits and four walks.

Bradenton at Ft. Myers.  Postponed.

Wisconsin 3, Beloit 1 in Wisconsin.  The Timber Rattlers led 2-1 after one inning.  The Snappers had just four hits.  Blayne Weller gave up two runs on three hits and a walk while striking out four in four innings.  Michael Tonkin struck out three in three innings, giving up a run on three hits and a walk.

Elizabethton 3, Danville 0 in Danville.  The Twins scored two in the fourth and one in the seventh.  The Braves out-hit the Twins 10-5.  Eddie Rosario singled and tripled, raising his average to .305.  Tim Shibuya went five innings, allowing eight hits but no walks.  Corey Williams and Steven Gruver each allowed one hit in two innings.  Williams walked two and struck out four while Gruver walked one and struck out two.

GCL Twins at Orioles.  Postponed.

DSL Twins 2, Diamondbacks 1 at Twins (Game 1--Scheduled 7 innings).  Joel Polanco singled in Jose Ramirez with two out in the seventh to drive in the winning run.  Ronald Jimenez had two hits.  Melcaides De La Cruz struck out five in three innings, giving up an unearned run on four hits and a walk.  Francisco Nunez got the win, striking out six in four innings while giving up three hits and a walk.

DSL Twins 9, Diamondbacks 1 at Diamondbacks (Game 2--Scheduled 7 innings).  The Twins put together three three-run innings, the first, the third, and the sixth.  Adonis Pacheco had two singles and a triple.  Ronald Jimenez had two hits.  Starter Yorman Landa worked four shutout innings, giving up just one hit and two walks while striking out four.  Ezequiel Zarzuela got the win, giving up an unearned run on two hits and a walk in two innings.

Father Knows Best: Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of GWAR


i think this is a conversation we've had here and there before, but i thought we might as well reprise it all in one place.

i try to get Famished Pete in front of speakers as much as possible. honestly, my classical and jazz aren't what they should be, but i know that's the best for him right now. at the same time, i try to mix in a bit more of the eclectic-though-hopefully-stimulating-and-baby-friendly, like joanna newsom, the decemberists, sufjan stevens, etc. for some reason, i've hesitated on pushing the straight rock/pop music until he gets a bit older, though i'll make exceptions for some of the classics. i've no real desire to feed him any of the straight childrens' music. i'm sure his mother and preschool will give him plenty of that without my help.

i guess the conversation i want to start here is the role of music in your children's lives, or perhaps the role it played in your own life as a child.

for my part, i've got total control right now, but as Pete grow up, he's obviously going to branch off on his own. i really don't want to push my tastes on him too much, but i still want to make sure he's not a fanboy of the next decade's linkin park's, nickelback's, or general grog of commercial crap. i'm sure it's going to be a fine balance.

my dad did a pretty good job with me, i think. he rarely pushed anything, though he gave some recommendations from time to time (i did pass on REO speedwagon). at the same time, he bit his tongue when a young joe occasionally brought home some god-awful crap. one of his best influences he had on me regarding that which was before my time, and i'll get into a little later why future generations could miss out on this, was his LP collection. it was down in the basement, and when i was a younger lad i would idly flip through it now and then. didn't really have much effect on me, though an interesting name or cover might inspire me try something out (like that plasmatics album my dad had for some reason; didn't take). then, i would hear a snippet of something or hear a band name and think, hey, dad's got that, and i would run home and pull it out. got into a lot of stuff i wouldn't have gotten into without that, which in turn lead me to many others i couldn't live without today.

after peckish jane's repeated nagging request, i recently put my large CD collection in storage temporarily as space is at a premium right now (i've still got books of CDs lying around, but i like having the CDs themselves out). it made me think that, what with everything moving over that digital horizon, kids aren't really going to get that opportunity as LPs, cassettes, CDs, physical music you can hold starts to disappear. sure, if they hear a name or song, they can have it on their phones in about ten seconds, but i still think they'll be missing out on something.

(quick aside: i am so pissed iPods didn't exist in high school for me. i was one of those kids that carried a 100 CD book around with them everywhere they went. also, i didn't have a car in high school, so this metro transit warrior often had to shuffle around his backpack and perform CD transplants with the discman while hurriedly speed walking to catch the 5. dropped and scratched a good number of CDs that way. come to think of it, i'm pissed CD-Rs weren't around then either.)

i'm not going anywhere in particular with this, just trying to start a few points of conversation. listening to and playing music was a huge part of my life, and i want Pete to enjoy it the same way i do, without shoving it down his throat. what do you play for your kids? what has surprised you about what they respond to? what was that band that came along, woke you up, and set you on the path to good music (cliché, but nirvana)? how did you react when your kid came home with an alto sax in 4th grade?

Game 116: Red Sox 4, Twins 3

WP: Albers (4-3), LP: Capps (3-6)

I didn't see a recap for last night's game...perhaps that was done on purpose? I have no doubt this will add very little to the current GOSO sentiment currently enveloping the WGOM, but I'm bored this afternoon and this post from JoeC included some interesting thoughts from the manager about the pitcher last night. Full disclosure, I didn't watch the game - just heard the end of it in the car, but a career high in walks is pretty brutal. However, Gardy seemed to think that F-Bomb did okay.

There were a lot of pitches that were close, borderline, just missing, and we like where the ball was, down around the knees. That's a pretty good start for him. Hopefully he can continue that process.

As you can see from the strikezone plot, Frankie was down in the zone. I guess my hope is that he can continue to work on staying down, throwing strikes and getting ahead in the count for the remainder of the year. His value to the Twins depends on those moments of brilliance associated with that funky delivery and left arm.


Remodeled basement. Same half-baked taste.