Minor Details: Games of 5/1 – 5/4


Sunday—Rochester 9, Syracuse 6 in Syracuse.  Trevor Plouffe had two singles, a double, and a home run.  Brian Dinkelman and Matt Brown each had three hits.

Monday—Syracuse 3, Rochester 2 in Syracuse.  Scott Diamond worked five shutout innings.  Ben Revere and Dustin Martin each had two hits.

Tuesday—Rochester at Syracuse.  Postponed.

Wednesday—League-wide off day.


Sunday—New Britain 8, Harrisburg 7 in New Britain (10 innings).  Yangervis Solarte had two doubles and a single, scoring the winning run.  Mike Hollimon had three hits.  Brett Jacobson worked 3.1 scoreless innings.

Monday—Richmond 6, New Britain 2 in New Britain.  Deibinson Romero had two hits.  Michael Tarsi worked two scoreless innings.

Tuesday—New Britain 4, Richmond 2 in New Britain. Evan Bigley had two singles and a double.  Bobby Lanigan gave up two runs on five hits in seven innings.  Cole DeVries pitched two scoreless innings.

Wednesday—Richmond at New Britain.  Postponed.  Will be made up as a doubleheader today.


Sunday—Ft. Myers 5, Charlotte 3 in Charlotte.  Nate Hanson had three hits.  Andrew Albers gave up two hits and struck out four in 4.2 scoreless innings of relief.

Monday—Ft. Myers 4, Charlotte 3 in Charlotte (10 innings).  Nick Romero and James Beresford each had two hits.  Nate Hanson hit a game-tying homer in the ninth.  Kevin Slowey gave up two hits and no walks in 5.2 scoreless innings.

Tuesday—Ft. Myers 9, Palm Beach 6 in Ft. Myers.  Brian Dozier doubled and tripled, scoring three times.  Aaron Hicks hit a two-run homer.  Tom Stuifbergen pitched two scoreless innings of relief.

Wednesday—Ft. Myers 6, Palm Beach 2 in Ft. Myers.  Danny Rams had three hits.  Kane Holbrooks gave up two unearned runs on six hits and a walk in six innings.  Blake Martin worked three perfect innings.


Sunday—Beloit 10, Clinton 8 in Clinton.  The Snappers scored nine runs in the eighth.  Danny Ortiz, Tobias Streich, and Wang-Wei Lin each had two hits.  Ryan O’Rourke pitched 2.1 scoreless innings.

Monday—Clinton 13, Beloit 6 in Clinton.  Jamaal Hawkins, Michael Gonzales, and Nate Roberts each had two hits.

Tuesday—Beloit 6, Clinton 3 in Clinton.  Kyle Knudson had three hits.  Ryan O’Rourke pitched two scoreless innings.

Wednesday—Beloit 4, Wisconsin 1 in Beloit.  Danny Ortiz had two doubles.  Adrian Salcedo gave up one run on six hits in seen innings while striking out eight.  Clinton Dempster struck out five in two shutout innings.

Twins Collectibles Spotlight: Unphortunate Fotos

Thought I'd post some Twins cards with photos that caught my fancy. Some you've probably seen before, some might be new -- all of them caught a certain interesting moment in time.

1994 Topps Gold #543 Larry Casian "Shower time, Larry"; 2003 Playoff Prestige #81 Torii Hunter "backwards K"; 2010 Bowman #137 Delmon Young "Whoa! Uh lookout, whoa!"; 2004 Topps Total #81 Matt LeCroy "Huff puff huff puff..."

Happy Birthday–May 5

Chief Bender (1884)
Bob Cerv (1926)
Bing Russell (1926)
Red Robbins (1928)
Jose Pagan (1935)
Tommy Helms (1941)
John Donaldson (1943)
Larry Hisle (1947)
Ron Oester (1956)
Charles Nagy (1967)
Hideki Irabu (1969)
Mike Redmond (1971)

Better known for his role as Deputy Clem Foster on “Bonanza”, outfielder Bing Russell played minor league baseball from 1948-1949.  He is the father of actor (and minor league player) Kurt Russell and the grandfather of major league player Matt Franco.

Spencer “Red” Robbins was a minor league player for fourteen years.  He then spent many years in the Twins’ organization, most of them as a scout (1963-1986).

This is also the birthday of Twins’ farmhand Bobby Lanigan (1987).

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to Mrs. Rhubarb_Runner.

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Game 29 Recap: Twins at Pale Hose

Twins 3, Hose 2
Twins Record 11-18, 9 games out of first place
Fangraphs doesn't think Liriano deserved a No-No either.
Save: M. Capps


Crisco, always a good idea in the ninth. Matt Capps is now ranked 20th(give or take) in the King of the Savers race with five saves. A rotting corpse in NYC and some dude in Florida are tied for first with 11 saves on the season.

What can I say about a game that I didn't watch? Not a whole lot, but if someone would post a picture of a painting by Jasper Johns involving a broom on flickr with an agreement to share through creative commons I would repost said photo. That and Jason Kuble is swinging the ever loving fire out of the bat right now.

Featured art [Jasper Johns Broom]

Frank Sinatra – My Way

one more tribute for liriano in celebration of his improbable no-hitter. it wasn't neat, and it wasn't pretty, but damn it, frankie did it his way.


(sorry, this is kind of uninspired. i'm out of town with a tenuous internet connection)

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2011 Game Logs: Game 29 Minnesota @ Chicago

What a difference a day makes.

1. Denard Span, CF
2. Matt Tolbert, SS
3. Justin Morneau, 1B
4. Jason Kubel, RF
5. Michael Cuddyer, DH
6. Rene Tosoni, LF
7. Danny Valencia, 3B
8. Drew Butera, C
9. Alexi Casilla, 2B

Pitcher: Blackburn

1. Juan Pierre, LF
2. Alexei Ramirez, SS
3. Adam Dunn, DH
4. Paul Konerko, 1B
5. Carlos Quentin, RF
6. A.J. Pierzynski, C
7. Alex Rios, CF
8. Mark Teahen, 3B
9. Omar Vizquel, 2B

Pitcher: Danks

Go Twins!

Recap from The Emeritus: Twins 1, Chicago 0


I was feeling lonely last night, having been away from home for seven days and counting. I miss my wife and daughter. Wednesday is getaway day and I'll be home by Wednesday at 8 PM for six straight days. But, last night, I was tired and lonely. Sure, Mom and Dad are around and that's terrific, but I needed to get home.

Dad and I settled in down the basement to watch the game on his flat screen. I like watching the game down there... it's cozy, Dad's TV is nice and the lighting is soft: a very good viewing atmosphere.

Somewhere in the middle innings, I dozed off. I woke up in the sixth and I said to Dad, "Has Liriano given up a hit yet?" "Nope." I saw the pitch count: 86 pitches. No way he makes it.

Then, inexplicably, the White Sox started helping out. Maybe Liriano was making pitches that they couldn't take or maybe the White Sox got jumpy, but the next six outs took just 15 pitches and it was clear that Liriano was going to get a shot at it. I talked to Dad about that game against the White Sox where Jacque Jones got the only hit for the Twins, a 1-0 victory that I had the good fortune of seeing in person. I thought about how much fun it would be to see my club get a no-no for the first time. I was driving through the Twin Cities on the morning of Eric Milton's no-no and I didn't see Scott Erickson's either. So, I was pretty excited about the prospect of seeing it. With Liriano cruising through the seventh and eighth, I was thinking he had plenty to get there.

The ninth was no picnic, though. Liriano looked like he was nervous. His first two pitches of the inning were breaking balls, badly thrown and out of the strike zone. I'm sure he was tired and nervous. That first ball to Tolbert was the kind of play that makes you realize why he's not a regular. He had plenty of time, but he hurried the throw. Luckily, there was a major leaguer over there to catch it. A little pop up for the second out and here comes Adam Dunn.

Dunn doesn't have a single hit against left handers this year. Not one. But, he's a big homerun hitter and thoughts of that Jones game flashed through my head: one hit and a win. One hit by Dunn here would equal a win. Liriano went to 3-0 on him and battled to a full count. Dunn fouled off a pitch and then hit a bullet right at Tolbert.

And there it was. In this frustrating season, with Liriano being so disappointing, there was nothing but happiness last night for Twins fans. I'm going home today, the Twins did it to the White Sox again, and all is right with the world.

Sorry to step on toes, but we need a recap for this one.

Happy Birthday–May 4

Charley Hickman (1876)
Jack Tobin (1892)
John Tsitouris (1936)
Rene Lachemann (1945)
Ken Oberkfell (1956)
Rick Leach (1957)
Tim Tschida (1960)
Eddie Perez (1968)
Joe Borowski (1971)
Miguel Cairo (1974)
Ben Grieve (1976)
Jason Michaels (1976)
Ryan Jorgensen (1979)
Matt Tolbert (1982)
Kevin Slowey (1984)

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to Twins farmhands Erick Gonzalez (1991) and Matej Hejma (1990).

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Remodeled basement. Same half-baked taste.