Game 104 Recap: Twins Win, Twins Win!

Twins 7, Rangers 2
WP: The Dunce LP: C. Lewis
Twins record 49-55, 6 games out of first
Fangraphs should really be named fungraphs

Yesterday, Joe Mauer arrived at Ranger's Ballpark well before he needed to. He unpacked his duffel bag in the clubhouse before the game, and glanced around to ensure that no one was looking. He quickly slid his man muscles out of the bag, slipped them on, and suited up for the game acting like nothing was out of the ordinary and patiently waited for the game to start. The Ump called out, "Play Ball" and Ben Revere stepped into the box. He took a couple of pitches, but eventually hit a ground ball to make the first out. 'Lexi wasted no time, and popped out to the second baseman for the second out. Joe walked up to the dish, tugging on his uni a bit hoping that no one could see the bulge of his man muscles beneath. He took the first pitch for a strike and then deposited the second pitch into the right field bleachers. Joe Mauer trotted around the bases and thought about kissing his bicep, but decided that that would be a douchy thing to do. Not wanting to be outdone, Cuddy jacked a donger of his own in the 4th inning, and from that point on the Twins never looked back. After the game, the boys cheered for the return of the man muscles shouting hip-hip-hooray.

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Minor Details: Games of 7/27

Rochester 2, Louisville 0 in Louisville (10 innings).  Doubles by Denard Span and Dustin Martin led to two runs in the tenth to break a scoreless tie.  Span was 2-for-5 in the game.  Aaron Bates singled and doubled, raising his average to .324.  Chase Lambin had two hits.  Andrew Baldwin lasted 5.1 innings, giving up four hits and two walks.  Jake Stevens worked two shutout innings, walking two, and Kyle Waldrop threw 2.2 perfect innings to get the win.

New Britain 7, New Hampshire 6 in New Britain (Game 1--11 innings--Scheduled 7 innings).  The Rock Cats scored two in the seventh to tie it, then Chris Parmelee singled home Deibinson Romero with the winning run in the eleventh.  Joe Benson had two singles, a double, and a homer, driving in three.  Chris Herrmann singled and homered.  Romero singled and doubled.  Parmelee, Brian Dozier, and Nate Hanson each had two hits.  Starter Andrew Albers lasted went only 4.1 innings, allowing four runs on eight hits and a walk while striking out five.  Deolis Guerra struck out three in three shutout innings, giving up two hits.  Tyler Robertson fanned two in a perfect eleventh to get the win.

New Hampshire 17, New Britain 3 in New Britain (Game 2--Scheduled 7 innings).  The Fisher Cats only scored in three innings, but they had four in the second, seven in the third, and six in the sixth.  Brian Dozier had three hits, raising his average to .318.  Joe Benson had two hits.  Mike Hollimon hit a home run.  Bobby Lanigan was hammered for eleven runs (six earned) on fourteen hits in 2.2 innings.  He did not walk anyone, although maybe he should have.  Spencer Steedley worked 2.1 scoreless innings, giving up one hit.

Tampa 6, Ft. Myers 1 in Ft. Myers.  The Yankees scored five in the first and it was all they needed.  James Beresford had two hits.  Starter Miguel Munoz yielded five runs on five hits and a walk in just one-third of an inning.  Edgar Ibarra worked 4.2 scoreless innings, giving up two hits and two walks, and Alex Wimmers gave up a run on four hits and no walks in four innings.

Beloit 21, Burlington 8 in Burlington.  The Snappers led 11-4 after four, then scored eight in the fifth.  Jairo Perez had a single, a double, and two home runs, driving in eight, scoring three, and raising his average back to .366.  Michael Gonzales had two singles and two doubles, scoring five times.  Reggie Williams doubled and homered, driving in three.  Wang-wei Lin singled and homered, scoring three times.  Daniel Santana and Andy Leer each had two hits, with Santana scoring three times.  Ryan O'Rourke got the win despite allowing four runs on six hits and four walks in five innings; he also struck out five.  Blayne Weller struck out two in two shutout innings, giving up a hit and a walk.

Elizabethton.  No game scheduled.

GCL Rays 5, Twins 2 at Twins (12 innings).  Candido Pimentel and Dereck Rodriguez each had two hits.  Starter Hein Robb worked four innings, giving up an unearned run on five hits.  Markus Solbach and Luis Nunez each pitched two shutout innings, each giving up one hit.  Marcus Limon took the loss, giving up the three twelfth inning runs in his second inning of pitching.

DSL Orioles 6, Twins 0.  It was scoreless for six, but the Orioles scored one in the seventh, four in the eighth, and one in the ninth.  Jose Ramirez had two hits.  Sterling Bonilla pitched four shutout innings, giving up three hits and a walk.  Randy Rosario took a tough loss, giving up an unearned run on three hits in three innings.  The Twins made five errors.

Les Paul & Mary Ford – There’s No Place Like Home

while i'm sure les paul is nowhere near the best guitarist EVAH, his name is on the guitar, so that's gotta be worth something (also, mary ain't no slouch herself). here's some fun riffing between les and mary from way back.


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Game 103 – Twins 9, Rangers 8

This is horribly late, my apologies for that. Great game for the boys last night. Pavano pitched a real stinker, but the bats kept the boys in the game. Watching them make Feliz look like Matt Capps was a sweet, sweet bonus. A Rangers fan was riding me hard on Monday night, and told me to "let him know when Mauer hits something other than a single," so there was a little extra in my fist pump when Mauer stroked that double into left.

Nathan looks filthy, and it makes me happy. I hope he takes sole possession of being All Time King of Savers: Twins Division tonight so meat has that to write about tomorrow.

Final Score: Minnesota Twins 9, Texas Rangers 8
Twins Record: 48-55, 7.0 GB in the AL Central.
WP: Glen Perkins (3-1) | LP: Neftali Feliz (0-2)

Minor Details: Games of 7/26

Rochester 11, Louisville 3 in Louisville.  The Red Wings led 4-3 after four, then scored seven in the fifth.  Brian Dinkelman had two singles and a double.  Dustin Martin, Aaron Bates, and Rene Rivera each singled and doubled, with Bates raising his average to .321.  Liam Hendriks worked six innings, giving up three runs on eight hits and a walk.  Dusty Hughes struck out three in two shutout innings, giving up one hit.

New Hampshire 5, New Britian 4 in New Britain.  The Rock Cats trailed 5-1 after five and scored three in the sixth to make it close, but could not catch up.  Deibinson Romero had two doubles.  Joe Benson had two hits.  Deinys Suarez allowed all five runs on seven hits and four walks in seven innings, striking out six.  Brett Jacobson threw two shutout innings, giving up two hits.

Tampa 2, Ft. Myers 1 in Ft. Myers (11 innings).  Ronnier Mustelier led of the eleventh with a triple and scored the game winning run.  Aaron Hicks had two hits.  Jhon Garcia pitched seven strong innings, giving up a run on six hits and a walk.  Matt Hauser threw three shutout inning, giving up a hit and a walk.  Brad Stillings worked the eleventh and took the loss.

Beloit.  No games scheduled.

Elizabethton 6, Burlington 4 in Burlington.  The Twins broke a 1-1 tie with two in the seventh, then scored three in the eighth to put it away.  Eddie Rosario singled and tripled, raising his average to .312.  Miguel Sano had two hits.  Tim Shibuya got the win, giving up two runs on eight hits with no walks in 6.1 innings.

GCL Orioles at Twins.  Postponed.

DSL Twins 11, White Sox 1 at White Sox.  The Twins scored seven in the fourth to break a 1-1 tie.  Jonatan Ynojoso had two hits.  Wander Guillen tripled and drove in four.  Starter Jose Abreu pitched four innings, giving up an unearned run on four hits and two walks.  Felix Jorge struck out five in three shutout innings, giving up three hits and getting the win.  Ezequiel Zarzuela threw the last two shutout innings, striking out three while giving up two hits.

Pixel Perfect Memories: Fire ‘N Ice

Release Date:  March, 1993
System:  NES
Developer:  Tecmo

Known in Japan as Solomon Key's 2, Fire 'N Ice is so good that if you liked Solomon's Key, you'll probably hate it after playing its sequel.  You play as Dana, the same hero from the first game.  You also still have the ability to create and destroy blocks.  Eliminated from this game is all the magic, secrets, moving enemies, and treasures.  Most importantly, eliminated are the arbitrary clock and play control issues.

Back to the blocks.  As Dana, you create blocks of ice.  You destroy blocks of ice.  You slide blocks of ice.  That's it.  Your job is to destroy the stationary flames on each level.  Despite its simplicity, the immense strategy involved is enough to make the game consistently challenging and interesting over approximately 100 levels.

If you like The Adventures of Lolo games or Bubble Bobble, it'd be difficult to imagine you wouldn't like this one as well.  The cartridge is rare, as it was produced late in the NES's life and wasn't very popular.  But it's the kind of game that is just as enjoyable during emulation.

I've played Angry Birds for a couple days now and I'm already kind of bored with it.  I come back to Fire 'N Ice every couple years and play through it again.

Whatcha playin?

Happy Birthday–July 27

Davy Force (1846)
Joe Tinker (1880)
Rube Walberg (1896)
Biz Mackey (1897)
Benny Bengough (1898)
Zack Taylor (1898)
Leo Durocher (1905)
Kazuto Tsuruoka (1916)
Ray Boone (1923)
Harry Wendelstedt (1938)
Larry Biittner (1945)
Bump Wills (1952)
Rich Dauer (1952)
Brian Kingman (1954)
Shane Rawley (1955)
Len Barker (1955)
Dave Dombrowski (1956)
Tom Goodwin (1968)
Shane Bowers (1971)
Enrique Wilson (1973)
Alex Rodriguez (1975)

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