Happy Birthday–August 9

John Grim (1867)
John Galbreath (1897)
Jack Tighe (1913)
Ralph Houk (1919)
Julian Javier (1936)
Claude Osteen (1939)
Paul Lindblad (1941)
Tommie Agee (1942)
Chris Wheeler (1945)
Bill Campbell (1948)
Ted Simmons (1949)
John Moses (1957)
Matt Young (1958)
Deion Sanders (1967)
Troy Percival (1969)
Pat Mahomes (1970)
Ryan Radmanovich (1971)
Matt Morris (1974)
Mike Lamb (1975)
Brian Fuentes (1975)
Drew Butera (1983)

Ralph Houk was a special assistant to the general manager for the Twins from 1987-1989.

Better known for his Hall of Fame NFL career, Deion Sanders was a major league outfielder for nine seasons, leading the league in triples in 1992.  He hit .263/.319/.392 in 2,123 at-bats.

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Esperanza Spalding – Crayola

ms. spaulding won the grammy this year for best new artist, making her the first jazz artist to do so, and despite the fact that she's been on the scene a number of years. here's her showing everyone how to slap a bass.


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2011 Game 115: Red Sawks!!!! on ESPN!!!!

Tonight on the 4ltr, the Red Sawks play*, and the Yankmees don't!!!!111one111!!! How did that happen?

Anyway, there is some sort of milestone at stake (Tim Wakefield seeks career win 200, including many games NOT against the Yankmees).

In order to provide context for the milestone, there may or may not be another team on the field. However, it is rumored that two non-Sawks players that 4ltr viewers may have heard of, Joe Mauer and Jim Thome, may be mentioned. Mauer, because his iconic sideburns are two of the most notable features of flyover America, and Thome because he too is within striking distance of a milestone of sorts, even though it is likely to happen in obscurity unless it happens tonight.

Bring the snark, kids. That's what we are playing for.

*some guy named Booker or Barker or something is starting for the other team, in case anyone cares.

Minor Details: Games of 8/5-8/7


Friday--Norfolk 4, Rochester 1 in Norfolk.  Aaron Bates had two hits.  Justin Morneau was 0-for-4.  Kevin Slowey gave up two runs on seven hits and two walks, striking out six in five innings.

Saturday--Norfolk 9, Rochester 1 in Norfolk.  Chase Lambin had two hits.  Justin Morneau was 1-for-4,  Liam Hendriks surrendered eight runs (seven earned) on eight hits and a walk in two innings.

Sunday--Rochester 8, Norfolk 0 in Norfolk.  Justin Morneau was 3-for-5 with a double and drove in four.  Dustin Martin hit a three-run homer.  Andrew Baldwin went seven innings, giving up four hits and a walk.


Friday--Akron 6, New Britain 0 in Akron.  Deinys Suarez surrendered six runs on nine hits and two walks in seven innings.

Saturday--New Britain 4, Akron 3 in Akron.  Joe Benson had three hits.  Andrew Albers gave up two runs on six hits and no walks in five innings.

Sunday--Akron 10, New Britain 2 in Akron.  Brian Dozier had two doubles and a single.  Bobby Lanigan surrendered seven runs on nine hits and two walks in five innings.


Friday--Bradenton 12, Ft. Myers 10 in Bradenton.  Aaron Hicks singled, doubled, and homered, scoring three times and driving in four.  Logan Darnell surrendered ten runs (nine earned) on twelve hits and a walk while striking out four in four innings.

Saturday--Ft. Myers 6, Palm Beach 0 in Palm Beach.  Steven Liddle singled and homered.  Edgar Ibarra went five innings, giving up three hits and three walks.  Alex Wimmers struck out six in four innings, giving up two hits and a walk.

Sunday--Ft. Myers at Palm Beach.  Postponed.


Friday--Beloit 4, Kane County 3 in Beloit (12 innings).  Lance Ray singled and homered.  B. J. Hermsen gave up three runs on seven hits and a walk in 7.2 innings.  Bart Carter struck out six in 3,1 scoreless innings, giving up one hit.

Saturday--Quad Cities 6, Beloit 3 in Beloit.  Jairo Perez singled and doubled.  Ryan O'Rourke struck out eight in six innings, but surrendered six runs on twelve hits and a walk.

Sunday--Beloit 8, Quad Cities 2 in Beloit.  Daniel Ortiz singled, doubled, and homered, driving in four.  Manuel Soliman gave up two runs on six hits and four walks in five innings.


Friday--Kingsport 7, Elizabethton 4 in Kingsport.  JaDamion Williams singled and doubled.  Tim Shibuya allowed five runs on eight hits and a walk in 5.1 innings.

Saturday--Elizabethton 7, Pulaski 0 in Pulaski.  Matt Parker had three hits.  Roy Larson singled and homered, driving in four.  Derek Christensen gave up five hits and two walks in five innings.

Sunday--Elizabethton 11, Pulaski 3 in Pulaski.  Kennys Vargas had three hits.  Tyler Koelling hit a three-run homer.  Todd Van Steensel gave up two runs on eight hits and a walk while striking out five in five innings.


Friday--Red Sox 8, Twins 6 at Twins.  Kelvin Ortiz had two singles and a double.  Hung Yi Chen allowed four runs on eight hits and no walks in four innings.

Saturday--Red Sox 4, Twins 3 at Red Sox.  Kelvin Silvania had two hits.  Angel Mata pitched 3.1 scoreless innings despite allowing five hits and five walks.

Sunday--No game scheduled.


Friday--Postponed.  The fourth postponement in a row.

Saturday--Twins 4, Rockies 0 at Rockies.  Ronald Jimenez had two hits.  Randy Rosario pitched four hitless innings, walking one.

Sunday--No game scheduled.

Game 114: White Sox at Twins

I started following the Twins on an everyday basis in 1986. My family had moved to Minnesota in 1984 and we had gone to a handful of games the previous two years, but I had not really discovered the joy of baseball yet.

Then, a plucky center fielder with a unique body build suddenly discovered his power stroke and the country began to take notice. I remember Bob Costas saying he would name his son after him if he was hitting .350 at the All-Star break. And, of course, that was how Keith Michael Kirby Costas was named.

Kirby was so fun to watch, it didn't really matter how bad the Twins were (and they were pretty bad that year), I just had to watch (or as often or not listen to home games) to see what he would do next. He could do it all. He could hit for average and power, he could steal bases and was a Gold Glove center fielder who specialized in leaping over the short center field wall at the Metrodome to rob the opponents of home runs.

The next season, of course, the Twins won the World Series, and what a magical ride that season was. That season cemented my love affair with baseball for life, but it was Kirby that piqued my interest to begin with. Of course, he's most famous for his Game 6 in 1991, but he was pretty good in Game 6 in 1987 as well (4-for-4 with a walk, an RBI and a SB). Of course, he also was the ALCS MVP in 1991.

Of course, his career was too short due to glaucoma and his life was too short due to a stroke, which I guess is appropriate since he was deemed to be too short to play in the major leagues for much of his youth.

Today, Kirby will be remembered at Target Field, which will include a pregame video tribute. I sure hope I get to see it, along with a couple Thome dingers.

I mentioned yesterday that the Twins need to finish 30-19 to finish at .500. I would be happy, all things considered, if they could do that. I also would like to think they could pass the White Sox. A big step toward that goal can be accomplished today with a win. It's Peavy vs. Duensing. GO TWINS!!!

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